Criss Waddle Responds to Shatta Wale “Gay Claims”

Here is what Criss Waddle said about  Shatta Wale “Gay Claims”

Criss Waddle

Criss Waddle

Self-acclaimed Dancehall King, Shatta Wale always has a way of getting his name in the news for all the reasons one can think of. In a recent interview with Deloris Frimpong which went viral over the weekend, he took shots at both Criss Waddle and his former manager Bulldog.

Shatta Wale made lots of wild assertions against the AMG CEO, tagging him as “Gay” and expressing regret in having recorded with him. He said;

“Oh but He(Criss Waddle) is gay. I don’t be friend gays, he’s not my friend. I never knew he was gay, I wouldn’t have recorded with him”

Following constant plea by fans of Criss Waddle to address these claims, he took to social media to respond to Shatta Wale’s allegations.

Here’s what he posted on his timeline;

“Haha Paapa y3 guy!!!!! One man Thousand!!!
Waddle is gay that’s how He gets money,Waddle does money rituals that’s how he gets money,Waddle killed his Ex- girlfriend so that’s how be gets his money, Waddle did moves with somebody and stole his money and that’s how he makes money, Waddle be some broke N**ga looking for some fame. Waddle ein baby mama no fine,The stories Chao Papa.
I swear to God I’m Blessed.

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  1. Shatta wale,Criss waddle nipa ns3 hwiii so together

  2. Allah Barma says:

    Paapa y3 guy, nice paa

  3. Quincy Metherell says:

    It seems, where new beefs are taking place continuously, on the other side the old beefs won t be finished at any point in the near future. Likewise, ‘Kakai’ hitmaker has blasted Criss once again by calling him gay in the show. Later on Delay wanted to make Shatta alert by saying that Criss can sue him as he is calling him gay in public, however Shatta, who stood his grounds said, ‘He has full offer to go and sue me, he is gay and everyone knows about it’.

  4. Ellis Estanislau says:

    It was not only Criss Waddle that Shatta Wale went after in that interview, he also called his former manager-a dog.


    Wale is right. Waddle is a Cyber Fraud guy. he’s always with Swedru fraud Boys. I like waddle so much but that’s just one that make get worried about him. Bro waddle pls little advice,kindly stop and move on in life by being dependant on God. Only God give an eternal life wealth.

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