Guy Asks Yvonne Nelson To help pay His Kid Brother’s Fees: Checkout Her Reply

American rapper/singer/songwriter Nicki Minaj did something extremely generous on twitter yesterday, as she offered to help some followers pay their fees and student loans.

This was to be enjoyed by high performing students asking for financial assistance to complete their degree, on condition of providing a concrete proof.

This act of kindness and benevolence by Nicki pushed a guy who is perhaps experiencing similar struggles, to draw up to Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson for assistance.

In a rather dispiriting fashion, the gorgeous actress in a cheeky manner, asked him to contact Nicki Minaj for that form of financial assistance.




    frm day 1 i never lyk dix gal
    ix dat hw u shud behave?

    Calm down n respect wai

  2. sowyer Alfreda says:

    so rude

  3. Every thing happened for a purpose so for I don,t think nothing is bad, because on this would, we have merit and demerits

  4. David sunday says:

    Guy jst let go of dis forged and coldhearted gud 4ntin actress dat cant even learn 4rm her fellow artiste

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