A New Kumawood Movie Titled “Rashida Housefly”? Or Just A Joke.

Sometimes most movies are“based on true events whiles ther times, it’s cutting uncomfortably close to the bone with stories you can barely believe are real.

The trolling of Rashida Black Beauty turns out be one that will stick around for quiet a longtime as posters have popped up on social media suggesting that a Kumawood movie dubbed ‘Rashida housefly 1&2’ will soon hit the market.

It cannot be independently verified if it is indeed an impending movie by Kumawood casting others including; Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, Bill Asamoah, Kwaku Manu and Mercy Asiedu under the production of Kwaw Gh& Mame Ngege or it is just for the fun of it.

What however creates doubts in the minds of many is that Rashida herself is part of the cast wondering whether the movie was planned prior to the abominable and condemnable act involving her last week or just was shot at the weekend.

Rashida last week in a two-minute video circulating online was seen twerking naked and exposing her vitals.

The video exposed Rashida’s sex organ which was infested with houseflies leading to bashing from the public


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