Angry Producer Of Patapaa’s One Corner Calls Him ‘Greedy’

Patapaa- One Corner

Patapaa- One Corner

Patapaa’s One Corner is arguably one of the biggest songs out this year, crossing territories into other parts of the world and earning him gigs after gigs in the country.

But it seems all isn’t sane with Patapaa and other brains that came together to create that banger; the producer (Mr. Loyalty) and Rass Cann.

Angry Mr. Loyalty took on to Facebook to vent all his angry on the musician of the moment in a long post.

According Mr. Loyalty post, Patapaa didn’t honour his promises after the ‘One Corner’ became a hit song in Ghana which is putting money in Patapaa’s pocket now.
He further stated in his post that, Patapaa walked into his studio with a beat and wanted to record his voice and also feature some artistes on but can’t pay for the services because he is poor.

Mr. Loyalty agreed to work with Patapaa and convinced Ras Cann to also feature on track which is now banging everywhere.

Mr. Loyalty’s argument now is that, Patapaa is not including them (himself & Ras Cann) in all shows he is performing.

He does not even mention their names as part of the success story of ‘One Corner’ track.

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“Patapaa One Coner ft Mr. Loyalty and Ras Cann. is all over the country. Patapaa goes to show without including us. Our parts in his song, He couldn’t pay us because he said he was poor. we compose our own lines and fixed into his song. He is so selfish that he enjoys the Financial benefit of the song alone. He owe us ( the artist whom he featured). However, because he said he was poor he could not pay the full charge for the studio work…Patapaa is greedy.”



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