Barimah Sidney- Time Aso (Onaapo Refix) NPP Victory Song- Download

Download Barimah Sidney- Time Aso John 3:16  (Onaapo Refix) MP3

Barima Sidney

Barima Sidney

Track: Time Aso/John 3:16/Emere no nie (Onaapo Refix)

Artiste: Barimah Sydney

Producer: Drray-Beat


Ghana dey bee rough! Barely some few days after NDC campaign song “Onaapo” hit the airwaves, Barima Sydney has gone ahead to make a refix.

Since the opposition, New Patriotic Party (NPP) seems to be winning the 2016 election, this track becomes the victory song for the party. Sidney is mocking Mahama, waving him “bye bye” while Nana goes to the Flagstaff House.

Anyway, you can feel free and listen/download the official Onaapo song (NDC version) at the link below: Onaapo- Dee Aja


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