Becca’s 3rd Album to Mark A Decade of Her Music Career

Becca to release 3rd album in 2017, se to mark a decade of her music career

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Award-winning Ghanaian songstress, Becca is set to release her third album in 2017 as part of her ten years celebration in the music industry.

During an exclusive interview with Ike Frimpong on Sky Fm, the “Hwɛ” crooner who is currently promoting her newest song “Beshiwo” with Bisa Kdei indicated that she has enjoyed the ride so far and attributed her growth and relevance to the love and support being shown by her fans and her whole team at large.

The singer who already has two incredible albums to her credit made clear her reasons for delaying her third album release. According to her, it’s a trend she goes by to put out an album after every two years.

“If you observe my trend, what I do is I don’t want to release an album every year. Everyone one has their own strategy. Someone like the late Micheal Jackson released an Album every 2 years.

I make sure I have a song with good production, songs that are not perishable, ones that don’t come and just go, what I call long-live music like Daa ke daa, African Woman and the likes and thanks to God I have an amazing team that makes sure production on the song is good.

I have 2 Albums and that’s my strategy, I have been working on this Album for about 3 years now. I’m also a perfectionist so I constantly go to the studio to change things, if I want to come up with an Album now it will be ready but deep down I’m not ready.”

Becca is also working on an Extended Play (EP) titled “Ɔdɔ Nsoo (Seven Love)” which has both “Hwɛ” and “Beshiwo.”

“The whole idea behind it is basically the seven ways of love and the kind of experiences you go when you’re in love with someone. It also touches on the ups and downs which is the crying and laughing moments.

Hwɛ, written by Okyeame Quophi was the first one which talks about love and the different things you go through when you’re in love. Beshiwo is the second one and was actually the first song Bisa and I worked on together about a year ago.

It is also a situation where a woman expresses emotions to her man, it’s basically saying if you don’t treat me right someone else will come around and make me smile. It’s a warning to men and women taking love for granted.”

The Album comes after the release of her EP which has 7 songs on it. She is also working hand in hand with Okyeame Quophi and Stacy Amoateng on the production of her upcoming album which promises collaboration from various artists across the African continent.

The singer who is also an activist affirmed that her music is a tool to empower women to chase their dreams. She wrapped up the interview by encouraging all women to pursue anything they want without fear or shame.

“I think a woman can be anything she wants to be and can do anything she sets her mind to, so my own little way of empowering them is through my music by motivating and encouraging them to be best they can be,” Becca added.

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