Christabel Ekeh Responds to Nude Photos Scandal; Guess What She Said

Naked selfies are extremely common. But among those of us who don’t take them, there has been some confusion. ‘But why would you do that?’ many people wondered.  

Actress Christabel Ekeh has issued a response to nude photo-sharing scandal, saying that was her unique way of unveiling the “new” Christabel.

Followers of the Actress few days back came across couple of completely naked shots of her on the popular picture sharing platform, Instagram.

However, the pictures were swiftly removed from her official Instagram page because they violated the app’s rules about nudity, which state: “If you wouldn’t show the photo or video you are thinking about uploading to a child, or your boss, or your parents, you probably shouldn’t share it on Instagram.”

Well, she has finally spoken out on the photos, in a new interview with MzGee

Admitting to the photos, she said, “I noticed the page was taken down but it’s my way of welcoming everyone to the new Christabel”.

When asked who this ‘new Christabel’ was, the actress who has starred in popular movies like ‘potomanto’, and ‘sweet mistake’ answered, “it is whoever you can imagine.”

“That’s why I’m not wearing anything. So whatever you want to wear on me, that’s your imagination”.

Contrary to speculations that the actresses’ account may have been hacked into and the pictures posted by someone else, the actress took responsibility for the act.

She explained that she also “unfollowed” everyone on her Instagram because she wanted to ‘follow’ God and not people.

These recent behaviours of the bubbly actress, coupled with her claim a few weeks ago to have fallen head over heels in love with a man who kidnapped her some months ago have caused the showbiz fraternity to question the actresses’ psychological state.

In answer to these speculations, Miss Ekeh said, “ people are saying this, people are saying that; everybody has their opinion, their own imagination, but I’m fine and I give God all the glory”.



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  1. Send her my number nd tell her to pm me wud dose pics cuz me de3 i wana see dat “new Christabel”? Sia!

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