Criss Waddle- Opana (Shatta Wale Diss) Download MP3

Download Criss Waddle- Opana MP3

Criss Waddle- Opana

Criss Waddle- Opana

Track: Opana

Artiste: Criss Waddle



We all know there is currently a fresh beef going on between Dancehall commando, Shatta Wale and Hiplife rapper Criss Waddle.

After a series of videos released on Facebook by Waddle taking a bash at Shatta Wale, he has finally released a diss song to make it complete. Listen to the song and let’s know what you think about the beef between the two artistes.

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  1. i respect Cris Waddle but he prolly just looking for fame but “DONT TRY” waddle

  2. Waddle you fale this no Ryan at all, you dey insult deportie. Cast ur mind way back you want do track plus the for apologize to the SM empire.

  3. See u all Shatta followers, blinded by those of his foolish noises. Criss fire dem all

  4. Don’t try shatta hahahahaha pampers boi I will end ur career hahahaha big respect wale buh u guys must stop dix

  5. pu*sy wul#shattawale

  6. innocent ohene says:

    criss waddle u spoil fer n))),dnt mind wat dem dey talk say u steal shatta wale track….
    ur fans we dey ur back 24/7 non stop. bie gya styel biaa bi..

  7. Patrick dugbatey says:

    Hahahahaha mad see u little rat criss waddld see make a talk you something make u know try shatta wale kraa, even stonebwoy saff dey pert wale way u dix little rat. Kaa try shatta wale dont try be small 4 u kk mad am from shatta movement straight.

  8. Patrick dugbatey says:

    See make a talk u something we shatta wale followers we no be blind kk, is because we are following de real dancehall artist in ghana kk mad

  9. Patrick dugbatey says:

    Even de bie gya way u people dey talk about kraa stonebwoy murder u fi de track if u dont know am telling u, see u criss waddle music no be your tarlent oooh ano take u before hahahah gay be your job mean think twice kk ashawo waddle hhahahaha mad

  10. Akaloizy milly yong says:

    Yes criss waddle be ashawo, gay way edey take dey get money so eno dey pert shatta wale

  11. Akaloizy milly yong says:

    Aboa ba criss waddle

  12. Akaloizy milly yong says:

    Aboa like you, criss waddle you know dressing hahahahaha even u den shatta wale de track way you make see de dressing way u make aaaaah? Pampers boi never try shatta wale atall pusy

  13. Akaloizy milly yong says:

    Criss waddle if it comes to music your size no be rass kuku saff way your size go be shatta wale pusy pampers boi

  14. see dis foolish fans of wale…….u fi destroy waddle in career……AMG boss for real…….wale in mouth like bola beach……u guys are following dancehall queen hahaha

  15. pampers bwoy says:

    talk pampers bwoy sey mhe sey e mods

  16. Shatta wale and sarkodie they rule for the industry inside,## but charley u guys for shun dey diss ooo, esspecially the upcoming artiste lyk waddle the fraud guy. Fake nagger

  17. see wale dem followers …… kwasia shatta wale im size bi waddle
    AMG all de way

  18. kVng..BHERRY says:

    #Abuse Gh or whatever, who told u bandana and sark are ruling…..?
    Ma Niger ebi #STONEBWOY ooo
    Shatta jux be hitmaker keke..
    Shatta go fi speak patoa apart from Ga..?haha……
    Buh guys ,
    so far the two tracks dey pap…

  19. The funny part be say, you maners go dey talk your mind for here….bah you go see say the boys go come reconcile later. So Massa, make you maners lef this boys demma matter. The music business dier e be so norr.

  20. criss waddle gyimigyimi u nor dey pert abooa fake american negar udey cme compare urself wit wale ego end ur career kwasia raskuuku sef nor be ur size na de champion shattawale world boss

  21. Royal Promison says:

    u self u kno get swag pass wale na music massa go n sleep if u tink finish den come talk wise bt first when u go sleep n tink dn’t wear pampers haha pampers boi

  22. hahhahahaaa if shatta be dancehall queen then she go nurse waddle every morning
    she go give am pampers everytime make he spoil emself


  23. criss go find c zar ok ….he dey wait for ur battle…gay boi….nauty boi de cheap gals wey u dey follow follow apuu…

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