Cwesi Oteng Descends on George Quaye Over Comments on Gospels Artistes

George Quaye’s Comment Is a Stupid Talk – Cwesi Oteng


Host of “The Pundits” show and public relations officer of Charterhouse, George Quaye on Tuesday made some wild allegation against gospel artistes. This has however enraged most Gospel singers in Ghana

During a discussion on GH One TV (‘The Dark Side of Ghana Music: The envy, hatred and malice in the GH. Gospel Music Fraternity. A reality, perception or myth?”), stated emphatically that, the most offers of bribe that come to him as an Executive of the scheme were from gospel artists.

One person who disagrees with his comments is Contemporary Gospel musician Cwesi Oteng, and has described them as “stupid”.

He lashed out bitterly on twitter and further advised fellow Gospel musicians to boycott the Ghana Music Awards until the people who offered bribes were brought to book since the comment was a total disrespect to the musicians.











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