Dadie Opanka Remembers Late Daasebre Gyamenah

HiplifeArtist Dadie Opanka Remembers Late Daasebre Gyamenah

Daasebre Gyamenah

Daasebre Gyamenah

The sudden death of Highlife singer Daasebre Gyamenah at the age of 44 shocked fans and musicians all over the continent. The outpouring of grief was immediate, with one common refrain: The loss one of its greatest Highlife Musicians.

Nearly all the trends on Twitter were shortly associated with Daasebre’s passing: #R.I.PLEGEND. A number of notable celebrities in Ghana and beyond also followed suite to mourn the late music icon.

One of those was Hiplife musician Dadie Opanka who shared with his Instagram followers a memory of when he first heard Daasebre Gyamenah’s song “Kokooko” as a little boy. He wrote:

Dadie Opanka

Dadie Opanka

R.I.P DAASEBRE GYAMENAH… May God pardon u!

I remember wen I first heard “Kokooko” by Daasebre ft Lord Kenya in da 90’s, I was young by then n didn’t know much about collaborations so I thought they joined 2 musicians’ songs by mistake anytime I hear it lol, then I finally watched the video n was like “Ah, how’s this possible?”.

Then my friend asked me who’s Lord Kenya n where’s he from, then cos of his name I told him, I think his father is a Kenyan that’s why he has Kenya n he’s a prophet or pastor himself cos of his Lord name (As if I knew he wud be a pastor in da future lol).

I still remember this funny moments wen I was a kid jux to find out he’s no more, I pray God give u a better place. It Scares me as he was alive sumtime n No More now, it means sometime to come it will be our turn to be No More, may God help us change from our sinful ways n worship Him well before that time comes… AMEN!”

Mortal remains of the late musician conveyed from the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital where he passed away has been sent to Koforidua and deposited at the St. JosephHospital Morgue.



  1. So Great


    real solja
    daasebre RIP

  3. R. I. P

  4. Jamie Simpson says:

    Daasebre Kojo Gyamenah was born into Islam. His late mother who was a Muslim, died when he was only five years old. The

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