Ebony Apologizes To Fans In Takoradi (TTU), Explains Why She Couldn’t Perform

Yikes! Ebony Reigns is catching heat from people of Takoradi Technical University for bailing on them. Hear her side of what went down inside….

Over the weekend, the dancehall diva was billed to perform at the University’s GNUPS Excellence Awards.. She abruptly headed back from Takoradi to Accra following some undisclosed misunderstanding with organizers.

Although the “90s Badgyal” had earlier received an undisclosed portion of her appearance fee, left the school to her celebrity friend Feli Nuna’s birthday party in Accra on Sat 20th may.

Now, some Takoradi folks are dragging her on social media for her actions.

The young sexy singer behind “poison”, posted an Instagram photo explaining her absence.

She wrote;

Wassup guys
Hope y’all good
So I know you were expecting me to perform at Takoradi Technical University this weekend but I couldn’t due to some inconvenience. I was at Takoradi but had make return journey due to the organisers’ unprofessionalism. I’m really sorry for making u come out and not see me but want u to know it wasn’t my fault but the organisers’ , but promise im gonna make it up to you
❤️❤️ Love you so much and thanks for your support ❤️❤️ #SPONSOR


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