Eegun- Suya (Download MP3)

Download Eegun- Suya MP3

Eegun- Suya

Eegun- Suya

Track: Suya

Artiste: Eegun

Producer: Eegun


You will be hard pressed to find a Nigerian above the age of 10 who has not had Suya at least once in his life. The popular and beloved street delicacy is the inspiration for the most recent single by UK-based artiste Eegun.

The song which is named after the northern variety of beef barbecue plays on the suya as a metaphor for the type of music Eegun creates…….hot and spicy!

SUYA was produced by Eegun himself, and laced with a progressive percussive Afro-house instrumental that is quite enjoyable and will delight disc jockeys all over the continent.

SUYA is available on i-tunes and can also be downloaded and streamed here on this page, check it out.

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