Eli Brown Gh- Betweener (Download MP3)

Download Eli Brown Gh- Betweener MP3

Eli Brown Gh- Betweener

Eli Brown Gh- Betweener

Track: Betweener


Producer: Lonely Beat


Eli Brown drops a new track, Betweener. Read more about it below.

The Term Betweener means someone who is a messenger between two lovers, like a third person who will be taking message from the guy or the lady to the guy or to the lady.
She said she is a Betweener, i ask of her name she said she is called Dzedena i said she should give me her #Love she said she doesn’t want and i was like so why then you are a #Betweener and i want her to be my #Everything. This song is from the #Camp of #B_I_M_A_Nation and the #PreeeeeeeeeeMovement
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