Fans Blast Efya Over Choice of Dress: “All I See Are Fallen Heroes”

Fans Blast Efya Over Choice of Dress.

Wizkid and Efya

Wizkid and Efya

If Efya’s fans are anything, they’re super passionate about her clothes, her makeup and music.

The Songstress wore a dress that showed pretty much everything fans could ask for, of course you knew that already as it’s been, understandably, one of the most talked-about pictures with in the last 24 hrs.

In a picture shared by Wizkid on Instagram, which pretty much seemed as a regular hangout, Efya was spotted wearing a revealing pink and brown outfit that showed off her boobs being let loose with parts of it covered with a black leather tape.
She accessoriesed herself with hoop cowry necklace and a Kente headgear.

But some fans were mostly left disappointed by her choice of clothing. Here’s a sampling of how fans responded to her dress.

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  1. What kind of dress code is this? U shud know dat u are a public figure dat the upcoming singers
    will look up to .Live an exemplary life thanks.

  2. he figure say Ghana b america .. fool. ;/

  3. aaaahhh Efya u no try kraa see wat u wear in public… u figga say u hide ur breast but u no no u show am..

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