Ghanaian Rock Band “Dark Suburb” Talk Album, Future and More.


Hard hitting Ghanaian alternative rock band, Dark Suburb, that caught the attention of most Ghanaians have readied their debut album ‘The Start Looks like the End”.

For a band who are teetering on the line between upcoming and successful, putting out an album is a particularly sensitive subject.

The first of its kind in Ghana, the rock band in an interview with Sky FM’s Kay Official on sat. Feb 4, described their style is a fusion of African rhythm with rock, which people are gradually warming up to.

Fronted by lead skeleton, they have been able to gage how their audience would react to the new material (Album) that is made up 16 tracks.


The group’s sound is mind-blowing, and if you haven’t heard it just yet, then you’re going to want to put that at the top of your to-do list.


The band has worked with some Ghana’s most influential acts including EL,Edem,Wiyala and others and has described working with these artists as exciting and fulfilling, and almost all of them admired what they represented.


“It Wasn’t really challenging working with likes of Edem and others, because most of them are tired with the same kind of music, so that gave them a chance to get into other territories that they’re passionate about.”

They’re still buzzing since the introduction of their skeletal trademark costume, which, despite mixed reviews from critics, has been receiving positive feedback from their fans in the diaspora.

According to the lead singer, Africans are very much superstitious people, they understand why it is so, and it’s for them to prove them wrong with their music and what they stand for.


The band dropped a new song “Hating” with an accompanied video three days ago, and is planning a tour all across Ghana to enable Ghanaian fans feel what rock music is, live music is, what entertainment is.

Dark Suburb who are also looking forward to working with artists from outside the country is set to premiere their maiden album ‘The Start Looks like the End” which has already garnered a lot of attention.


The album launch is on Friday the 17th of February, with a Concert at Alliance Francaise, and will be supported by Haywaya, VI Music’s Adomaa & Robin Huws, Poetra, No Wrappa & Fii, Kankam, Kacey & Dune, DJ Isaac Cool & KO-JO CUE.




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