Submission Guidelines

How To Get Published!

I’m putting together this article to help and guide you to share your music with us and get it published on the website. We don’t take a penny to publish your tracks… it’s absolutely free. Unless maybe you decide to advertise your music on our platform to meet a larger audience.

Our mails are always flooded with music submissions from upcoming artistes, PR music companies as well as well-established musicians.  It is our goal to publish each and every submission as we aim to give all artistes equal opportunities to share their music on our platform.

That said, we would like to make this process as simple as possible. The following guidelines will help you upload your tracks, get you published and market yourself to the world as an artiste. Please read them carefully, we refuse to publish most submissions because people fail to follow these guidelines.

Song Description

This is the most important part of your submission. Whether you get published or not depends on how you describe your music. Most people describe their songs using just a single line. That’s definitely unacceptable. We can’t publish a song with such a very short description on our page. The areas below will help you to expand your description and give it some flesh.

  • Talk about the Artiste: You can tell us more about the artiste, real name, stage name, previous tracks, the record label, awards won (if any), etc. You can talk about basically anything you want the public to know about the artiste.
  • Talk about the song: Tell us more about the song. If the title is a local dialect what’s the meaning in English? What message is it putting across, who is the producer? You can even quote some lines from it and explain them.

Of course you don’t have to limit yourself to only the areas discussed above. It’s your song and you definitely understand it more than anyone. The most important thing is that, the description must be detailed. Your song description must have at least three good paragraphs. 

This post is a good example of ‘how much’ description we expect you to write

 Album Art

This is not a requirement. We are still going to publish your music without an album/track art. But I recommend you attach a well-designed artwork to your song. You will never believe how a nice and catchy album art can attract people to click on your page and check out the song.

Submit your music

There are two ways to do this. You can send it through an email or simply upload it. Please see our Submission page for more details.

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 – Obour Amankwa