Don Jazzy: “I Quit Smoking Two Months Ago”

Don Jazzy Reveals: “I Quit Smoking Two Months Ago”

Don Jazzy

Don Jazzy has revealed he stopped smoking two months ago

When it comes to giving up cigarettes and other drugs, famous people experience the same struggles as everyone else. On screen, we rarely see Mavin’s boss Don Jazzy without a cigarette in his hand, but the sound engineer says he has given up on a longstanding cigarette habit when asked what cigarette brand he takes.

“Oh I actually quit smoking 2 months ago,” he replied a fan.

We’re not positive about that two- month time frame, but it has been a while, but he cites the outpouring of goodwill from fans as one of the main reasons for his decision.

Of course anything is possible with a little bit of effort.


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