“I Won’t Stop Displaying My Body Part.” – Ebony Hits Back

Ebony: “I Won’t Stop Displaying My Body Part”

Ebony is usually criticized for what many say is her lack of talent, and believe her showing skin on stage and in music videos is to push attention from her untalented self.

The female Dancehall artiste, Ebony has no plans of toning down on her dressing in spite of the severe backlash from critics.

She disclosed on Hitz FM she “won’t stop displaying my body part. Ghanaians will get used to me. That’s the point of being a trendsetter.” 

She claims she is not at all bothered by the criticisms.

 “I’ve been getting negative comments from people with regards to my public appearance. I’ve been criticized since I was growing up so I’ve never been bothered about criticisms. Bullet tried to tone it down. Sometimes, there’s an outfit I want to wear to a show and he will be like ‘No Ebony, Ghana is not ready for this’.”



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