Instrumental: Kabutey- Phenomenal (Download MP3)

Download Kabutey- Phenomenal MP3


Track: Phenomenal

Artiste: Kabutey

Producer: Kabutey


Kabutey delivers an energetic crowd moving tune. With the motto less is more in mind, very few layers of sound make this song a classic anyone can listen to anywhere doing anything but surely dancing and humming along.

Kabutey is an American DJ and Music Producer most known for playing epic electro house sets, intimate deep house sets, and uplifting trance sets with an unparalleled mix transitioning style.

When producing the song ‘Phenomenal,’ Kabutey  prayed to God for the guidance on the song. After revising three or more intros, the beginning of the song now sounds the way it does. Every layer of synth was also by divine guidance.

Most dance music songs have several elements to them. Elements like a drop or vocal solo. Listening to ‘Phenomenal’ gives all those good feels. Keeping it simple was the goal with this song.


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