I’ve Received 150 Cakes For My Birthday- Stephanie Benson

Birthdays over the world are celebrated to mark and reminisce the birth of a person. It is betoken with an addition of a year to ones age to annotate growth.

Different people all over the world have their special ways of celebrating their birthdays but one tradition that transcends all is the cutting of a BIRTHDAY CAKE.

As social media tenses will put it “a birthday without a cake, is that one too a birthday..lol” This vividly brings to bare that birthdays are never complete without cakes. But i ask, how many cakes would you love to cut and enjoy on your birthday?.

Well, traditionally it has been one cake per a birthday but it seems different in the case of Ghanaian born UK based Singer Stephanie Benson who on her 47th birthday is enjoying as many as 150 cakes!

Making this revelation in an interview on Ghone tv with Berla Mundi, the forever young songstress revealed that she has 150 cakes sitting in her house to be shown no mercy on her birthday.

Turning 47 today, Stephanie revealed that this is the highest number of cakes she’s received all her life on her birthday.

Well, i can but only imagine how sweet and memorable a birthday is going to be with such plenty amount of cakes.

Happy birthday Stephanie and keep staying forever young.

Story By: Edem Kobby Mathias


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