Jimflazzy- Be Real (Download MP3)

Download Jimflazzy- Be Real MP3

Jimflazzy- Be Real

Jimflazzy- Be Real

Track: Be Real

Artiste: Jimflazzy

Producer: TomJay


Nigerian rapper drops a new one for music fans in Gh, read more about the song below.

Another Hit by Jimflazzy the crazy Nigerian rapper from Kaduna Croc city. He is called a preacher because his songs carries positive messages.

This song was rated a five star for upcoming artist in Kaduna by Raypower Deejay Kelly, professional critic Shoham and popular blogger Kelvin Adams Ebony (KEA ADAMS). It is on replay on radioairplays across Kaduna.

Jimflazzy says he can battle any rapper in a Rap freestyle battle in the Music industry. Watch out, Jimiholic comes your way



  1. Exle Hardy says:

    Whatever you call yourself. Dont compare it to Sark the rap king

  2. Nice concept Jimflazzy, I love your song so much. You are better than most rappers. You speak reality

  3. Who flows harder like Jimflazzy??? We proud of you here in Ghana Jimflazzy. Ur d men

  4. Baddest, Best, You great rapper. Learning from your lines… “To go up you suppose calm down, to rule village means you go runtown”. You the best Jimflazzy. Blessing follow you

  5. Rose (Ruzzybae) says:

    I Love You Realest Nigga Jimflazzy. You be ma baba all ma life. Nice production Tomjay. Nice Punchlines and concept Jimflazzy. Sign me into your label pls. Am a proud ‘Jimiholic’ hailing live from Ghana

  6. Your Father ‘Exle Hardy’. He can be compared to artists even better than Sark. Am a ‘Jimiholic’… Love U Jimflazzy.

  7. Jim Jimiholic Jimflazzy. Salute

  8. hehehe, nice one. Am a Jimiholic

  9. Damn, Hm. Reading comments

  10. Blessing Paul says:

    You rap like Sark. Nice

  11. Nice jam, this nigga is a revolutionist

  12. BE Real, Real message you passed. Salute

  13. Nice one Jfn

  14. godswill djg-will williams says:

    Jimflazzy- Be Real

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