Jupitar Talks About Teaming Up With Patoranking, Losing Out On Awards

Dancehall Artist Jupitar Talks About Teaming Up With Patoranking.


Jupitar- photo by ZionFelix.net

In a new interview, Ghanaian Dancehall artist Jupitar has opened up about losing out on the VGMAs and also about his newest single with Nigerian megastar Patoranking.

“I chose to work with Patoranking because I think he’s a very big artist. He has a large fan base and has really paved his way across countries and has pierced through from Nigeria to UK,Canada, and a whole other countries. I featured Sarkodie on the original version and it was massive so to take it to a different level I needed another superstar to bless it for me,” he told Ike Frimpong in an interview on Sky Fm.

To him, the idea of the collaboration was mainly about the business phase of music, as he firmly believes his contribution and position on the song will impact his career emphatically.

“He’s one of the biggest artists in Nigeria so I knew it was better to put him on. It was also a business strategy, that’s to checkout which artist is trending and who to feature on a song. If I feature an unknown person, my song will be unknown so I think Patoranking will add credit to the song and my career.”

Jupitar also revealed he has over 10 unreleased songs with Patoranking and promised fans and listeners a possible release of another song which features himself and Patoranking in coming months.

Patoranking and Jupitar

Patoranking and Jupitar at ‘GOE’ Album Launch- photo by David Mawuli

The renowned Dancehall artist commented on the ongoing lyrical feud between his fellow Dancehall musicians, saying it’s inappropriate for them to engage themselves in beefing each other but instead seek the betterment and extension of Ghanaian music across the continent. He explained his exemption:

“I’m a very focused person and I deal with things professionally. I believe Ghana is not yet at such level where we need to have beefs and misunderstand each other even though it’s part of music. I believe we just have to push more for our music to be heard in different countries aside Ghana.Why should we beef if our song hasn’t even been able to conquer Europe or our neighboring countries. I honestly think it’s not worth it. Whiles they are doing their thing I’m obviously working to serve good music to the people because that’s what I’m here for and nothing else,” he added.

Album delays are nothing new in the music industry, especially when it’s about Dancehall music and it’s no different with Jupitar who explained what his team is all about, and why an artist must be patient to find success.

“I’m not in a rush to release an album now, we are cooking up a whole lot just to try and storm the whole country first and leave a big mark. I know I’m big now but I just want to be bigger before releasing something which will get a higher response so we can top the charts.”

Jupita also asserted sadness in losing out on the VGMAs although he had one of the biggest tunes at that time. “Honestly it’s quite sad because [my song] “enemies” was among the top 3 songs in the country. Fans and others were expecting me to win an award but it was quite unfortunate. I will focus and work hard so to get more nominations and hopefully win awards,” he stated.

By: Kay Official/music.com.gh


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