LYRICS: M.anifest- 100% ft. Worlasi

Download M.anifest- 100% ft. Worlasi MP3 (Sarkodie 2nd Diss Song)

M.anifest- 100%

M.anifest- 100%

Track: 100%

Artiste: M.anifest ft Worlasi

Producer: Mobeatz

Worlasi: Look at me…
M.anifest: godMC… dɔdɔ ti dɔ…m digidi

Verse 1
I’m an expensive guy you want cheap side?
Can’t strong arm me with a weak vibe
If i decide to let the beat ride
It’s a major move to over the minor dudes
Everyday some hater dey write love song
E dey funny me, the irony it’s quite strong
I’m in a dark place, write to keep the lights on
With blind ambition set my sights on greatness
Ramadan mek fast no time for lateness
Young cassius I am the greatest
Mr-always-dey-talk-without fail
You’re too short to be telling tall tales

Hook- (Worlasi)
Look at me
What you see
Kyekor na Kpor
U go see, confi
Hundred percent

Verse 2
I put my chest out
Tell the rest that M.anifest the best out, no kidding
Quiet for a while, I was in my kitchen
Till i was smitten by another bad riddim
Do i got fully loaded clips? Lord willing
Give me a mic and i might rob givens
Even though I’m grounded I have no ceilings
Bout to have the whole world tripping
You dey beef with uhhhhh, nah i’m chilling
Certified villain, Milk-D top billing
(what more can I say) kingpin on my vim ting
Keep it rolling on these michelins

Hook (Worlasi)
Look at me
What you see
Kyekor na Kpor
U go see, confi
Hundred percent

Verse 3- Worlasi
Everyting nice for worla
I chock one corner
Next season still we winning we the reason all the place turn up
Normally deep tings
But now we dey ease tings
Me den M.anifest bout to move tings
Raise tings Yall niggas better rethink




  1. Willisky obeng says:

    Naaa…this song b fake.. I see no sense of a motivation, advice, nothing good in it to help entertain we Ghanaians… He just sang it waaa like that just to praise himself…..
    U must remember that, any song that u sing with its lyrics should bring a good impact in us not this… ….
    Naaa too bad.

  2. Wack song from a wack rapper

  3. Bless Kulevome says:

    You be too much #100% music made in Africa

  4. manifest no get size in gh
    100 percent lyrical fit

  5. felix curry says:

    understand the english the godmc used there before commenting damn niggars

  6. 9ce song

  7. DèØrīgīñålé ShÿBwØî Mågåzêêñ says:

    I dont understand some of u guys,u know wat is original when it comes to buyin of shaddas but when it comes to music.u find urself wantin nd sayin al sort of trash
    when will some of u guys learn
    aboa taaa

  8. best gh rapper fget deb haterz dhope tune tho luvin it

  9. i bet u first time i hear godmc, i was like wow…… this is 200 pages of literature book made simple in few lines……..truly this this piece of work is for the ELITES……REAL DEEP BRO……

  10. wats a 50% to 100%….?…………..wats a rap king to GODMC……?I can hear this all day long…

  11. Yiwudrozz 2paz says:

    M.Anifest Wat Do U Want 4rm King Of Africa Rap Sark Koraaa??? I Think I Can Guess Ur Answer, mmmm Fame. U Want Use Obidi 2 Mek De World Knw U. Twiaaa

  12. Ras Hussein says:

    All the M.ani fans 100% real no faking.

  13. M.anifest u no get size wati

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