Lyrics: M.anifest- god MC (Sarkodie Diss)

Lyrics: M.anifest- god MC (Sarkodie Diss)

Lyrics: M.anifest- god MC

Lyrics: M.anifest- god MC

Track: god MC

Artiste: M.anifest

Producer: Dream Jay


[Verse 1]
Yea! I pull up on the future, screaming hallelujah
In a barracuda smoking buddha in fallujah
Clash of the titans i had dinner with medusa

Don’t turn me into stone, boy i’m a ruler
They sipping amarula me i kick it with a cougar
Tonight will be lit, super
Califragilisticexpiali i’m precocious
These dudes you call cool, atrocious

Don’t get intoxicated by these drunkards
They run on prejudice it’s a trump card
On my lampard chale i’m so frank
Give you the blues who is who? go rank

Don’t measure your pen with mines, you pantomime and asinine
And you wanna be king? Get your ass in line
These no be bars i’m just passing time

Chale i dey, I just chock it
Laughing hard till there are tears in a bucket
Some of my peers spineless they are muppets
Always nodding like a lizard, damn it, agama
What’s a king to a god mc?
Numero uno, that be me

[Verse 2]
You no be star no be star, you’re a comet at best
Don’t ask me no questions, no comment; i rest
Tell the fashion police they can make an arrest
These boys copying the west looking a mess

It’s retarded, tell to get me started
I got a strong will, i am the prime target
Go to the market, buy yourself manners
Don’t use my name in vain, that’s just for starters

Hors d’oeuvres i got some nerve
On my Djokovic fear me when i dey serve
Ghanaians so concerned about diplomas and awards
Titles and the bible, i find it absurd
Went from inspector Bediako to Khumkhum Bhagya
Progress or regress? now who you calling sucker

When the boss is around who can you boss around?
We some intelligent niggas that cannot dumb it down
Even my nonfa back then had sense in it
Difference between me and them? you’re sensing it

My talent, my vision, where i come from
Just a couple of things you put respek on
I’m a rare breed no wonder i’m in rare form
All the m.anifans know that i’m there for ‘em
I’m in rare form, madinafour know sey i’m there for them

I just chock it
Laughing hard till there are tears in a bucket
Some of my peers spineless they are muppets
Always nodding like a lizard damn it
Agama, Yeah!
What’s a king to a god mc?
Numero uno, that be me

[Verse 3]
Dem dey claim pure cold but dem be copper
Don’t compare a name dropper to a showstopper like me
You ain’t’ gotta like me broda
Only 5 10, but the flow be t-taller, huh

Afro trapping like hoteps with dope left
Though i often write my default is to go left
W’ani aba anaa?
Vex for your corner, saa

Kidnap your ears for years now it’s stockholm syndrome
My train of thought is darker than my skin tone
I pen poems alone listening to nina simone and koo nimo

God as my witness i’m taking no prisoners
The hype machine mean, but it won’t imprison us
For the underdawgs and outlaws go get yours
Yes we dey form, no we no go conform

If you talk funny and think you’ll go scott free
Then travel safe my guy, godspeed
Nowhere cool coming soon for your cd changer
E go shatta glass ceilings, it’s a game changer

God mc never been a faker
I dey go see shatta for mahama paper
My guy obidi, let me return the favor
You know what time it is, later is greater




  1. Emporer Zakwanzy says:

    Na u koraa wats ur problem, He’s copying Kenya west is it ur P ?…… If u want to be the best rapper rap in ur language coz #SARKCESS is the #Best. nd u knw it…… I call him #EMPORER SARK… Sizeless !!

  2. why won’t u be a sark fun. cos u cant relate to manifest lyrics. poor u. he never sark was copying kanye but the west. meaning western dressing. shmmmmmm. illiterates all over the place.

  3. @hubie tell them oooo just as he said ghanians are all about awards even the west that brought rap still rate emminem over kayne west even though he got more grammy awards or 2pac whiles he is dead why cos he songs made senses. manifest keep manifesting bro if sark is dope he should ft proverb n see if he wont be murdered or likes of AKA. MI. HHP Even Bankye W on rap battle n lets see

  4. Kaidzro Alex says:

    #M…….. ti . #MADINA youth dey ur back like blisters on ur palm. #M dododo to do fr real.

  5. Agoo!
    No more school rappers,…this English rappers are sorry manifest
    Sark was right …we aint here for lectures.

  6. @ Killhard…is it his fault that he is well schooled. .M.anifest is dope ..Instead of u complianing about the words in the track get urself a dictionary and check out the words u are not conversant with. M.anifest is sizeless.

  7. Sark talks about no more free just pro bono. lol. Mr. Sark, pro bono means free you dumb ass. lol
    “I’ve been kidnapping your ears for years now it’s Stockholm syndrome”. omg. M.anifest is a beast. Sark has become so regular. Personally I believe M.anifest spits way above the heads of many Ghanaians. “Clash of the titans, dinner with Medusa” dang!!!

  8. Master Planner says:

    I ve had tym 2 listen n also read de lyrics of both songs bat i can say dat Manifest killed id….hw cn a rapper say ”yatera degree afei na yaduru 6 form, of course is me God damn Id”….dis shows dat Sark dnt make any sense in his rap…n i wanna ask was he insultin GOD or wat?….Manifest u r de true rapper

  9. Manifest b dope pass sark b whack he always bragging..god mc b 3 mins but kanta b 6mins d track bash n murder am one time…madina we dey manifest ‘in back…

  10. mfum emmanuel says:

    mmmm,why all dis? infact?sark minelessness is sark.learn more an get more.

  11. manifest, you’re the Don, you’ve broaden sarks horizon, no wonder you’re silent. and the empty konko making the noise.

  12. Larry king says:

    asem oo guys sark n manifest are all good .Both are in the top 10 list of africa best rappers so yy dix shame n dissing..nodding like a lizard?is too harsh ..n telling ur colleague rapper that he uses gtp n woodin only cos he is short of clothes? Hmmm as for me manifest took this too far.n also sark using his designer ,panda to kanta this issue is bad…. The dissin be took much.larry king

  13. hahaaaa
    manifest 4 stop u ft d throne..
    ma students even don’t know u sef so don’t use d KING 2 brand ursef
    KING sark never waste ur tym on dx muppets

  14. If you be Sark fan abeg flow am sey M.anifest finally land that lecturing job for Legon aa, he for be the first person he go buy forms so sey he go tap in class inside some.

  15. Life in a milky way doesn’t taste like baileys. Sark the bragging doesn’t make u a king.Bragging and making noise around doesn’t guarantee u the rap trone.Go to the market and buy yourself manners..
    Pressure oooo oooo! Pressure!!. Manifest keep the pressure.

    Manifest is GodMc

  16. i read the lyrics over and over again…and seriously he’s more than a rapper. to say the least

  17. I’ve read the lyrics over & over again, didnt get wat m…….ti. waz saying

  18. Larry hoover says:

    Godmc over kanta

    Sark should grw a bit moo

    Godmc never been a faker…

  19. m.anifest be godmc but sark be rapper

  20. I don’t know Ghanaians are illerate and don’t know nothing about music…still hating sarkodie…but on the real ground sark murder manifest..sia crush of titans and Califragilisticexpiali…is what move you??haha its just qualification…but thumps up mani vim..but sark kill it

  21. Manifest go ft shatta for mahama paper dying to hear it….love you manifest

  22. M.anifest is indeed a rapper and a poet
    Sark should learn harder.The queen is killing Sark with her language

  23. sark be de best

  24. Kojo Phyllips Ayensu says:

    As a proud manifan,Manifest deeply showed his lyrical prowess and music adroitness.Anybody who is not profoundly incline to the Queen’s language will never understand GodMc.However Manifest woefully diss Sark without no remorse.

  25. Sarkodie brought a knife to a gun? fight??????? ….

  26. Young Warlock says:

    Ah I don’t know what is wrong with Ghanaians. Is English-speaking ur language?.how can u compare manifest to Sarkodie. Damm it.

  27. if English is not our language why don’t you write in Swahili… I love Sark but M.anifest is a critical thinker and his venom is like the one from the King snake

  28. Sark… I like yo when you do afro pop den tinz some.

    Buh when you come to real hardcore rap?

    M.anifest kill it the most.

  29. I’m just loving the comments..

  30. manifest have really thought me that been educated is important…sark abeg go diss kk fosu cos manifest is too big for u

  31. Phreshpurpose says:

    Hmmmmm……my question 2 de manifans……who started it All????? Think abt it very well…….
    When u gt de answer, u will knw hw mature Sark it….


  32. These two rappers are jux too much and I cant wait for a collabo from them.
    I salute Sark for being de light for de average Gh rapper who hustle to make it big
    I respect M.anifest for being Dada B and yet following his desire of being a rapper and Scholar.
    Manifest really rep a new dawn for Gh rappers.
    To de underground kubolor Rappers out dere – Masa go school ooo b4 som bro diss u with words u cant even comprehend.?

  33. Me sef i dnt get it, hve listen to both of dem bt i tink sark x the man, if manifest wnt who 2 diss 2 b famous then he should find someone else bt not sark. i tink wat sark said was true, PLS DNT BE DISRESPECTFUL UR FANS WILL ALWAYS THEY PUSH U 2 PROVE IT. pls dnt mind ur fans, U Just dnt match up wid Sarkodie. Pls Manifest.

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