LYRICS- Mightylele by Stonebwoy

LYRICS- Mightylele- Stonebwoy



Produced by Beatzdakay


Something wicked
Ei Beatzdakay ee ae
Hear Me Out

gyal say she want some
After she sip pon di
Tsi o benk3 mi ni matele
Ma Gbelele
Ebe ye like it
Put inna her mouth and she want bite it
Thing set already and me haffi strike it
Like abedi pelele inna di nineties

CHORUS ( response – MIGHTYLELE )

Deal with it
Deal with it
Deal with the thing deh
Deal with it
Deal with it
The bag ah thing Weh Agwaan deh

When the body buck and shot
Make man no fit to walk pass

Say she Go Give You The body o
She no want your money o

Dem dey think you be Yaro
But you carry auntie Caro

Telele Telele it be your own cargo

Me nye wo basa basa Donkomi
Take you high like Asongoli
Ma kwi De Tome Na wo Enya Gbogboli
Man strong and fit cuz Sogbo Li
Me head ah burn up
Man a fry eye
No pill Nor syrup
Can’t cool I
Take you way up like Elshadai
Come fill up your cup and taste No lie

Take it away don’t let it go
Don’t fool your body
Don’t take it fi joke
Plug it in don’t cut off the flow
Like Kranium no body haffi know o o
Woo yoo yoo yoo
Aleke wor nye me Xor ge Esi o bi nam loo
Woo yoo yoo yoo yoo
Abin daa Di de
Inna kyikin wan do




  1. my Goodness this guy is seriously good combination of Ewe Ga twi hawusa dema mightylele

  2. d guy is not only an entertaining bat also sense pumping musician

  3. Tesky Teachero says:

    Very nice copy no mistak. u ar gud bqo

  4. Short af words unno! Mi luv dis bad

  5. laugther lincoln says:

    U do all boss lov u till casket close

  6. Baffour Frank says:

    ’em fi do am well well…Aswear no douths…….BHIM nation

  7. Kwaku Winfred Adonu says:

    Oh God stonebwoy is really gud for da world

  8. hi bhim u be de hitter

  9. Wooow really luv his trackz all be hitz bhim bhim bhim 4 lyf

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  11. Frank Switzz says:

    oooh bros, me love this music. stonebwoy all the way!!!

  12. stonebwoy all de way de track be dope ,stonebwoy dey

  13. God bless u stone …..u hv make Ghana on top of Africa ### to u??all and your squard …..bhim all de way …..

  14. Stonebwoy all de way . Jah bless you , Jay bless Africa . bhim

  15. Scolarstica hessey addison says:

    I dey feel u waaa stonebwoy chop kisses. Alleyoo vim yaro

  16. i dey feel you waaaa

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