LYRICS- Our Names By Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale: LYRICS- Our Names

LYRICS- Our Names

SM4 Lyf

Track: Our Names

Artiste: Shatta Wale

Lyrics by: Benisah Saviour (SM Baby)


LBE yei
Shatta Movement ei
Hei Wale

Tell’em wi from di slums
Nima wi from
No food to eat but wi affi hustle long
The only thing we know affi sit and read Psalms
The Bible was the way so we sit and chant Psalms
If mi nuh call Bone den mi affi call Stone
Cah wi still pon ah mission
So wi search fi di corn
Mi bredda Blade seh guan and perform cah di world just await you never keep calm
Ah just 4 ah wi build this kingdom
Spread out Shatta Movement thing Jon
Wi nuh watch nobada we still clean man
Wi ah bil mi youth’em like Captan
Forever wi blessed,wi tell everyone
Dis ah LBE-Shatta Movement song

Just write our names-our names
Pon di street and every block
Kid bawl our names-our names
Pon di land and every land
Write all our names-our names
Pon di street and every block
Kid bawl our names-our names
Yei Waleee

….VERSE 2…
We still recall
Wi still stand tall
Dem close many doors
But we open more
Wi still ah rich and to di ghetto youth all
Mi know my those days Tawala see all
Shows wi perform buh nobada pay yah
Sometimes we short gas inna wi cars
But wi never stop cah di dream was too long
Wi spend ah likkle time with Bonchaka
Cemetary tak’ah ,Spiritual tak
Sometimes dem seh wi superscary yah

Just member seh
Ah wi start dis all unnu
Falla wi,ah just falla wi
So mi ah seh
To every youth weh wanfi fala dis mash up
….VERSE 3..
Just reach fi di moon ya
Give ah likkle thanks yah
Big up all di fans and big up all mi love ones
Wi say no time yah,Dash way di crime ya
Watch up to di air and start climb ya
Member our names inna your life and your heart yah
Tell every pickiney fi grow before dem talk ya
Big up mi linkie inna Jamaica
NotNice ah mi bredda
Tripple dose seh dash dem
Make wi dash dem
And Make wi dash dem



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