LYRICS: Sarkodie- Kanta (M.anifest Diss)

LYRICS: Sarkodie- Kanta (M.anifest Diss)

Sarkodie- Kanta

Sarkodie- Kanta

Track: Kanta

Artiste: Sarkodie

Producer: Matic Music


Yerr! kanta, kanta, kanta, kanta, kanta,
Yeerr! kanta, kanta, kanta, kanta, kanta, yeerr!

[Verse 1]
Huh! Sika dɔɔso wɔ Ghana
Still a yɛ hustle wɔ Ashaiman
Street foɔ ɛto Hosanna
Cos sakawa boys agye block no ɛdan ma
Ma ship-e me pɛ a na mɛ ragga for summer
Cos aban sika die no koraa cause drama

Obi nkɔ kɔ bisa Braimah Kamoko sɛ
Nku no a ɔ use no Prima
Politics, evil (yea)
n**ga no laugh on the people
Obi nse Ɔmanpanin sɛ me hia no
Sarkodie just wanna meet you

Sesei a deɛ cash no a lock-e
Na companies akɛseɛ koraa mpo ɔmo a-chock-i
Na wonhu sɛ Charterhouse koraa ɔmo a-pause-i
Me charge-e me fees a obiaa ntumi n-sort-i

The industry, is falling
Company biaa eyɛ overhauling
Shatta paa first na balling
But sesei a ɔhu bottles koraa na dodging

Me pɛ legitimate, no kuluulu
But after the privilege
To be used to the system in Ghana
Me mia mani sɛ nka memmɔ korɔno
But sɛ mennyɛ a agye sɛ Yesu

Now we just facing recession
My country is lacking progression
Sesei ah November election
I hope sɛ the people go teach you a lesson

I got love for Mahama and I’ve got love too for Nana
Yea! me respect-e leaders
Ɛba bi biaa mɛka cos Sark dɔ Ghana

Yerr Kanta, kanta,
Now I think we gotta switch it up
Are you ready?

[Verse 2]
Tie! me tɔɔ dross wɔ Kanta, salmon, agushi ne hamper
Terry me serɛ wo a bɔ mɔden a na girl na ɔkɔ ɔn-drop-e ne number
See me I’m far from a rapper
Me no me swag yɛ dapper

Obi bɛ diss-e me a na ɛnyɛ rapper ɔde GTP ntoma pam kaba
Me no me rap yɛ authentic
Jay-Z a ya mix-i with Kendrick
Nansa yi sɛ boys nni swag na sɛ ntaade no nnɔɔso a ɔmo claim-e afro-centric
Ntɔtɔfeefee wanna diss
The beat I run and push, onua wo yɛ bitch

Joo na sɛ beef na wopɛ a, get your numbers up nyɛ sa a mɛ serve-e wo fish
Smart move, ɔbɛ diss-e Obidi de a-promote-i album
Mea no me feel-i wo flow no nso ka nowerɛ wo nnwom nni kurom tesɛ Atom
Sark no go beef you for nothing
n**ga already you suffering

Me n-waste-i me flow in a new beat ɛn diss-i and pay for production
Niggas dey diss me for promo
Maso ayɛ hye wɔ Toronto
See, I’ll help you for free but ɛfiri nnɛ korɔ no we [will] be working pro bono

I gave you the highest retweets
Gave you some bath on the street
I know you dey aim for my spot but you think my position be cheap

Only time you sound good is when you rap on your own
Ma feature wo twice, all you dey claim say you not in your zone
Mo ankasa mo ayɛ lucky, ma sieve me flow cos I’m grown
No be say n**ga no dey rap, you no dey qualify for the throne

Me mete so, matwa me seven
Obidi mebɔ wo din a kyerɛ sɛ wobɛ kɔ Heaven
Feeling na mede rap-e no na ma boy gye me di
Nti na obiaa pɛ sɛ otu amirika tesɛ me

Yea, TM boys Omar Sterling
Yea, we go drop the crown so God willing
2040 na mentae nha adwene
Nti mɛyi mahenkyɛ na me da so afa adwene, hey!

ɛnyɛ aduro o, e be favour
My success go turn you into hater
I got the keys, keys, keys, keys
Focus and stack in your paper

At least I gave you some mileage
Just make sure you use it
Please don’t you be disrespectful
Your fans go dey always push you to prove it

Ma big-e wo up for the summer
All I need back is a thank you!
Of course I go pass on the torch
n**ga but definitely ain’t you

Ei! akoa wei ne brɔfo akɛseɛ
Fa kɔ kɔ lecture wɔ Legon
Oh! punch deɛ ɔ-punch-i
Ɛno ɛntɔ asaase gye kiosk wɔ Klagon

Yɛ a mo se Sark mpɛ beef
Yea, cos it doesn’t make sense
How can I rap to the world
Whiles you, you dey rap to your friends

Apart from sɛ SarkNation rep-i me brand no
n**ga your fans be my fans
Tie, this is not a diss song
I’m just tryna give you a chance

Sesei a madane philanthropist
Giving you hype for free
I made sure I show you some love
So say you niggas go see
Nyɛ sɛ ebia Sark is scared
You just don’t match up with me
Like Ken Agyapong ne Afia Schwarzenegger
The beef no dey be!




    Sark no one can stop u in Gh music
    My man keep it up wai
    GuyS her is num one GH MUSIC GROUP send ur num to add 0543111911

  2. sark u bi too much manifest u too u be guy but if u negaz no change 4 d best den u go bi fake negaz i want to si real negaz
    d lyrical wars has just begun we re still waitin
    but u menez punchlyns dey d kanta insyd why ur ears spoil

  3. antwi Solomon says:

    yh sark u no get size
    u do all

  4. Hafiz De password! says:

    Sark u b king
    Sark u b don!!
    Sark u b 2 moch!

  5. Emporer Zakwanzy says:

    King Sark ? naa Emporer SARK noooo Size…. u are too much. Best rapper, Best Of allllllll.

  6. fhyngurl bhibwoy says:

    your majesty we bown down to greatness

  7. sark u be too much,ba i am so sorry manifest got punchlines pass u.Manifest really took me to school n really educated me,thanx manifest

  8. dhope sark gh says:

    masser de whole africa de sark u spoil der
    eiiiiiii punches paa ni
    fake naggers dey talk say u no punch
    dey shud come and listen to kanta

  9. King ‘Sark #Numero uno, chalie Eminem koraa boa

  10. King sark number one….
    Manifest just wanted hype…
    Sarkodie be king of rap..
    Truly….your rap be jay z mixed with kendrick lamar’s…
    Sarknation for life…
    King sark…
    No size
    Number 1

  11. King Sark The Rap King. You Should Be Arrested For The Murder Of Manifest’s Career

  12. Sark the boss of rap

  13. Sark aint no boss. loved him from way back, but he sucks and brags too much. #MCGOD is dope. my view though.

  14. Tarka R. Golegio says:

    Sarkodie, I ask you not to respond to him anymore because he’s just a kid who wants to get his popularity through you. How many people know him outside of your home Ghana where i don’t live. You still the king and don’t drop the crown until 2040 hahahahah……. I from Liberia please connect with me through my email address or on facebook.

  15. agyemang kwaku says:

    Charlie u ar born with it whaaat manifest u for reverse

  16. Owusu Frank says:

    Sark no size

  17. Patrick Layson says:

    Isshh this guy z dope
    Even though i cnt understand de language… Feeling de lines #hard core
    We fear u in Zambia
    #I rep #ZED

  18. Essilfie Blankson says:

    godmc ma foot,u r a shit-rag rapper.can u compair urself to KING-SARK. Naaaa let’s be fair here k,wen sark started de game, wer wer u?learning hw to rap.godmc,u be foolish waaa.keep ur mouth shut.KING-SARK U DO ALL

  19. Benjamin Boateng says:

    Infact Sarkodie u be too much.Eeiii!!!!!!!!

  20. Addo Livingston says:

    hmmmmmmmm jx feelin pittie 4 m.anifest. Sarkodie ( Michael Owusu Addo ) u jx making me feel cozy. Am really feeling u nhigga . Wahtelse do u need to hear 4rm us again manifest? Aswear if u reply kanta bak with ur canzo reap diieeerh berma , obidi go burry u life……. ***feeling BosSY***

  21. Amponsah Augustine says:

    Uncomparable rapper
    Sark let’s build rap University Ghanaians cannot afford to lose dis talent. NUMBER ONE
    Manifest and sarkodie is like, Comparing GBC TO BBC. the beef no dey be!

  22. Amponsah Augustine says:

    A research conducted by A2 CAPITAL Ltd has been proven that about 98.7% of Ghana youth population the lyrics of Ghana NUMBER ONE RAPPER (SARKODIE) has direct positive impact on them. How can you underestimate this rapper who has almost about one fourth of Ghana population behind him.

  23. who be manifest?
    Sarkodie no ger size,u small boy Manifest,dont wanna respect,u better go n beg…
    Sark,evn if u blow whistle at de studio,i go fit download…

    Michael owusu Addo for real-$$$$

  24. Qhuohphie Toparhzh Yhewdrozz says:

    Aseeee!!! Sark Bi Serious Rapper! Wat A Punchline! Masa Manifest U 4 Bow B4 Sark Wen It Cums 2 Rap Wai, Punches Paaa Nie! Eeeeeish, Sark If U Bi Fante Rapper Lyk Ago Tlk Say U Bi Kofi Kinaata # King Sark

  25. indeed u re a king, u dun need a crown
    sark de rap king~:: ßow down to greatness
    add me up to de grup emma

  26. sark u be too much
    keep on firing more

  27. Apuuu wu b king,he b fake nigga

  28. De guy dey duin fake tins,u go hype am…i dey laf saaa,u talk say sarknation ayi sarkcountry wu b sark

  29. Ma guy mani keep on…pussywale dey ur back lyk hw i dey ma fada’s back(SHATTA WALE,SM4LYF)

  30. Sark lemme tell u,luk ur back n stop wat u r duin…dnt thnk say u nw ve moni so u go do wat u want hmmm i knw u paaaa sark im done(IF U DNT UNDASTD U CAN HALLA ME 0560666222)kwame pussy as pussywale dey talk sef

  31. Eii!! Sark u be more

  32. kwesi Distinct says:

    oh yeah

  33. Osei or sly bonny phade on facebook says:

    Sark u dey lyk ronaldiho in football, since i was born i no see a player lyk him ebe so u dey in dis rap game.God richly bless u bro.big ups.

  34. Sark U dey bi.cus Ghana ha wo ni size. My lord stop dissing him 3firis3 wo de GTP 3ntoma Na 3pam kaba SARK Nation all de way

  35. add me too

  36. Mysta Pendrive says:

    I always enjoy every workpiece 4rm de Sark collection n 4 dis 1 de3…h33333..punchlines paa nie.Master Sark,diss any1 hu fucks around wit u.King Sark,Ghana oo,Africa oo,even de whole world koraa mpo a,u no get size.:-:-D:-D:-P:-P 4 Sark n :-[:-[:'(:'(:'(:'( 4 de GTP – kaba man…lols.

  37. ibi soo na manifest koraa wey tim he come aaahhh )no koraa )ba ab3 adwen yi but king sark he be de best bia no artist go fit de flow……….

  38. alphabet nana Junior says:

    sark nooooo size

  39. phillip sark says:

    Oh naa sometyms l dnt understand some people, u manifirst u wannaa compare ur self to king sark why aré u jelus or u just envy him sark is serious ooo he is sizeless . manisfirst or wat ever they call let me aks u do u travil go to uk n usa n see even dubia koraa he get funs than ghana here 100% masa dnt mák dat mistake again go n beg sark Dats de only advise l can give u aaaaa manifirst u bore me paaa . Sark u be king wai l dey feel ur punch lines .keep on we dey for u God bless u n bless de mother hu gave birth to u.
    Community 7 guys we dey ur back .

  40. Adjei Kodie Domizy says:

    #Sark x better dan M.anifest. But we need pace in GH .music industry so lax to as one. KingSark still DE best.

  41. Sark de rap king, hu wanna compare godmc to king sark, no one go fit sarkodie in ghana. Aaaa sark I don’t noe wat to tell u, u r tooooooo much. sark no go diss u for natin manifest. U dis kaba man

  42. kwame pu**y u fool waa…toak toak
    sark ubi king wai….u do alllllll dhope
    sark adey feeeel u waa….abeg udo kraa hala me on dix wai 0553471844

  43. Rapper no size says:

    Hw3 let me make this statement clear, in this planet there are only two rappers sark nd the rest. Ah! King sark u have hyped dis caba man paa oo, infanct u shuld have handed him to me to deal with him. I would have spent my entire music career to tell him dat sark is the rapper we look up to as an up coming artist. Here are the top 6 best rappers of all tym in the world 1- eminem&sarkodie shares the first position, 2- )brafo), 3- 50 cent 4- )kyeame kwame, 5- the rest

  44. king sark

  45. Prince Obed Armoo says:

    Sarkodie u b der king. u b der Don . sark make u no worry cos der tin u go win multiple n multiple

  46. 2016 de3n ne beef ‘ guys zup; herrr but kanta y3 guy

  47. Tweaa! Hu say Sarkodie be dope?
    U can say that only if u don’t understand the queen’s English.
    I feel dull to hu ever says Sark be king, go back zkuul and learn English first be4 u say Sark took over Manife. . ( Go to de market buy yurself some murnerz, diz shame and a dissing nodding lyk lizard,get your ass in line,go rank etc) wani aba anaa? Mass, Manifest dhope but Sark should go rank wai. Manifest taking over hihihihihi Sark crying

  48. Sark nuh compare to Manifest coz Manifest is so sophisticated but Sark intoxicated. Haha! Manifest dope saa.

  49. sark in small letters coz u are less before Manifest. Go learn more sark

  50. Get your ass in line ok , Mr Sark.

  51. Khrusiphyde Prophyle says:

    King Sark u ar more. I love the way u diss. M.anifest.

  52. sark u are the king of kings

  53. sark x dhope

  54. My role model

  55. Respek lamar gh says:

    Boss sark

  56. Heeeeeee Sark u b 2 much

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