LYRICS: Shatta Wale- Tell Me A Lie

Check out the lyrics of Shatta Wale- Tell Me A Lie.

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale

Track: Tell Me A Lie

Artiste: Shatta Wale

Lyrics By: Benisah Saviour


Oh yeah ,oh yah
Ma gal loyal , she ah loyal , loyal
Ma gal ah loyal ,
Anything mi see ,she ah go buy
She nuh make no man tell her no lie
Only mi can write her profile

…VERSE 1..
Ma gal ah romantic , fantastic
She fine then the gal inner da antatic
She ah bombastic, gal got it
I wonder “she love fi climb Ma plan tree yuhh
Gal seh she ah go be Ma queen
Give me everything mi need
With you, I wanna be
No other gal can cross wi

Tell mi lie
No matter the price , I will buy , oh yah

So mi say , gal come in
make mi tell you something
I really do love u , ba I love ur toti
U promise ” to be dey ah so ,
u say, dun it ?
inner difficult tym ah u cum fi front it
So gal kaa ha ne moko alaka bo ,
Nyumor Adjor bo ,Ohe wala dorrrr
I love you ,Oh my God
I want to be , ur man inner da storm

Inner everything , u know say mi dey by you
You know say husband dey here
No gal can’t stand you
Matter of fact , gal badder then tho
Mi tell dem Ma gal no wear cheap clothes

Tell mi lie
No matter the price , I will buy , oh yah


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