LYRICS Stonebwoy- By Grace

LYRICS Stonebwoy- By Grace. & MP3

LYRICS- By Grace

LYRICS- By Grace

Track: By Grace

Artiste: Stonebwoy

Producer: Tuchpoint And Beatz Dakay


By Grace- Lyrics
It no be me do am o o
It no be me do am
All of the progress way you dey see inna my life
It no be me do am … It be God almighty (almighty Keke)

Verse 1
From one place to the other
Crossing every border
Long time me done tell you me brother
Cyaan move soft I move harder
Cut like dagger
When million situation gather
Life is a race
When me a move mi Nuh go look another face
Speed me a speed up and a increase the pace
What ever God give nobody can replace
No body can take

I see a brand new day
All of the sins that I done
I go on my knees
And God still hear me
I know it’s not by might it’s not by power

Everything by grace o
All of the things by grace
Every little thing by grace o
All by the grace of God eh eh eh

Verse 2
On top again
Where mama dey yeah
I know you dey rest in peace
On top again
I spoil every place yeah
I go mash it up more than this
Give thanks to the fans them
Them a the one them
Way got me back from the very beginning
BHIM a the anthem
Psalms man a chanting
Thanking Jah for my out and coming in

Verse 3
Blessings on top of blessing
On top of blessings
I no see no curse
Mercies on top of mercies
Only mercies I see
And they are new every morning
New every morning
Great is thy faithfulness
O God
they are new every morning
New every morning
Great is thy faithfulness
O O o…




  1. immauel parker quaye says:

    stonebwoy shall forever remain my dancehall king

  2. Richies Naomi Amanda Abena Ekya Antu says:

    bless his imperial Majesty….

  3. I love you stonebwoy… ma role model tho….thanking jah for ur coming out and in
    I wanna meet u too

  4. big ups to yuh stonebwoy mi love yuh suh much from di buttom of mi hrt….what jah bless no man affi curse….###Bhim

  5. Ishaq Mohammed says:

    Where my MAMA dey oo I know she dey rest in peace (it makes me sad papa) but wit #JAH everythings are going to b possible. #BHIM #BHIM #BHIM #STONEBWOY is winning the artistvof the yr again #BHIM NATION for life

  6. kwame sylvanus says:

    U are the best stoneboy

  7. Redemption Gh says:

    bless up stonebwoy..

  8. Stonebwoy mi luv yuh ruff, bigs up bro?✌

  9. Justice sossi says:

    stonebwoy, you are my star

  10. ADAM JARULE says:

    ##Shout out tu all Nsaba Presec students n mi stone bwoy fans ##stone bwoy ur songs bi herbal medicine giv mhue.BHIM BHIM#

  11. Ghadabwoy Burniton says:

    U keep on inspiring mhe me boss u tough like metal not wood Bhim # blemish our image Dem can’t tarnish Rkukuku.

  12. stonebwoy forever bhim!!!!

  13. Technical Zigge says:

    BHIM A The Anthem
    Psalms Man A Chanting
    Thanking Jah For My Out and Coming In

  14. Soalah Mohammed says:

    Stonebwoy jar bless everywhere mi like’s to sing ur music u are diamond in de sky 0278162948

  15. john viscous says:

    When ever I am not feeling well
    and I hears aaaaaa….rrrrrbwoy,
    Bhim Bhim …….den I become ok
    Keep de fire burning

  16. God go bless de guy. All e tracks dey be me. Stone u are de best .U do all

  17. New Guy(Emmanuel) says:


  18. bAMBINOBRIGHT says:

    mi dey luv u bhim.but people dey insult me say i dont no anything but still ebe u be myddancehall king bhim bhim!!!!!

  19. well if mhi party mhi dweet well propa

  20. stonebwoy u do all keep the fire burning.Bhim Bhim!!!!!!

  21. Prinz Gyan Pagez says:

    #BHIM to de world ?. Speed me a speed up ☝ and a increase the pace. Salute you General.

  22. Emmanuel. Agyiri says:

    People i love S. Bwoy.BHIM NATION!

  23. luv stone bwoy,kip d fire blazing ontop ya blessing,me pray I meet ya somday 08096095318

  24. Gumalor Scholar says:

    Stonebwoy,u inspire me to know what is dancehall.#BHIM

  25. Timbit Lawnmower says:

    Blessings on top of blessings shal be upon you…Me love you from the bottom of ma hear .i’m glad to have one pic with you

  26. Sampson Gbagba says:

    I love this guy, almost his tracks inspired me bhimooooooooooooooooooo


  28. stonebwoy, I love his song’s Aldo am from nigeria, when ever I hear his song am motivated.


  30. Addae Bright says:

    BHIM…BHIM of cose ebi almimty wey do am. spoil der dan dis. AAABWOY…..!

  31. austin blaxez says:

    i no be lie #everything by grace

  32. Nana Arhin Jnr says:

    ebe true seh life is a race … wen me a move mi nuh go look anoda face… Aaarrbwoy!!!

  33. Nana Ameyaw Enoch says:

    Inspirational music dat.I love you a lot Stonebwoy.Jah guide

  34. this tune is the best of the best

  35. Afriyie Prosper says:

    BHIM NYC song arrrrrrrbwoy

  36. Gabriel Ekruntor says:

    Hello, the day i hear this song it make me like a person who dead and wake, the song is make me happy and sad. Is true that everything’s by grace

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