LYRICS: Stonebwoy- Sapashini (Dancehall Warrior)

Lyrics of Stonebwoy- Sapashini (Dancehall Warrior)

Stonebwoy- Sapashini

Stonebwoy- Sapashini

Track: Stonebwoy- Sapashini

Artist: Stonebwoy

Mixed by: Beatz Dakay

Glory Glory Glory
Giving Jah Jah Glory
Cz where would I ever be
What can I ever say.
If it no be Jah Jah Yeah Yeah

welcome the sapashini Sapashini
– the Dancehall Warrior
– call me the sapashini sapashini
– Could a vex could a worry yooh

Cz a No Man Crown King
Is a God Crown King
So When Gods Crowned King
Crown A Next Man King
Original King
A no Talking Thing
Then You Know How Real it is

I’m Sharper
Allow Me And Make Me Kill them fi supper
Next time I Gwaan fly in with chopper
Five thousand People Show Up not even half of
Was Like A Movie Scene Without Clapper
Dj Parara You Dey Run The Antenna
Unu deserve some respect and Manner
Come take respect Kamana

Look Pon The Street of Tamale
Choke up totally
No breathing space
No time fi Nobody
Dem A Do it Like Nike
And Ride Pon bike
Some of The old people
dem a move pon donkey
A follow dem a follow me
To the King palace so fi go honour me
In all of these give honor to me mother Yeah
And praises to the almighty
Welcome The…




  1. Stonebwoy always inspire me with his musics i can’t even imagine if he knows me cause almost 80% musics makes me fell as if he is referring to.
    Arrrbwoy the Bhim Nation President.

  2. arrrhhboi
    ah di genius

  3. Abdul Ganim Abdullai says:

    You always release great songs mi dancehall warrior #Bhim2diWorld

  4. Baddest Myghty one says:

    Me salute ya the Dancehall warrior… May Jah Jah Almighty gide n protect you..

  5. Real dancehall,we nt talking about mouth but real dancehall BHIMNATION salute tu d world.

  6. jah almighty for raise you up BHIM. forever you dey for

  7. Bigups to my Bhim Nation President Stonebwoy, arrhbwoy you do all,real dancehall

  8. Action Time.. #SAPASHINI

  9. Still BHIM to de world we knw U go mash it up more dan dis.Yh BHIM till we die#GOD GOT US

  10. Mi luv Stonebwoy cos he releases inspiring songs nd I learn 4rm de Patua

  11. livingstone Andres Sagoebwoyb says:

    Dancehall Warrior
    U do all
    a we be de Global Champion
    sagiebwoyb say so

  12. Bhim Bhim Bhim
    #u always make ur fans proud

  13. Am impress about my main man Stonebwoy shoutout to your inspirations. Gwaan nuh mi bredren Bhin to the whole world.

  14. Arrrbwoy
    None of ur tracks are bitter
    All sweet like sugar
    Welcome we sapa shini
    We ve got ur back
    #dancehall warrior
    # sapa shini
    Keep the fire burning “Adi burniton”

  15. Priscilla Esenam says:

    challe bhim all de way one of de killi.g tracks again

  16. Klaus Rankin Vybz says:

    Yoo Wahgwaam The Dancehall Medusa,u Do All.BHIM Natives Let’s Welcome The Sapashini

  17. mi neva stop supporting de Bhim Nation crew even if I m off n mi bones ar on de ground
    .Blez His Imperial Majesty (Bhim)!!!!!!!!!

  18. GOOD

  19. Stone Patwah says:

    the is to the BHiM nation President and our first lady Louisa aarbwoy you do all buh corporal nii get nothing jama prefect be wale BHiN natioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon

  20. BHIM tu di world, i know u can do it sapashini. BHIM nation president ah di residential GOD bless u for di motivation

  21. Yh dey don noe dx be stone god ,sapashini 4 real

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