M.anifest- god MC (Download MP3)

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Track: god MC

Artiste: M.anifest

Producer: Dream Jay


It’s a new one from M.anifest to his M.anifans.  The song starts with an intro from Kumawood actor Lil Win’s famous comical line; “I don’t think far, I don’t think madness.”

M.anifest then clears his throat and unleashed all the punch lines then went ahead to murder the beat. As he has already made it clear, there are only two rappers in Ghana, M.anifest and the rest. He says “even with his ‘nonfa’ there is sense in it. Difference between me and them, you’re sensing it.”

Some fans have labelled the track as a reply to Sarkodie’s “Bossy.” Do the analysis by yourself, listen to the song and get the full lyrics.




  1. c-real nailed it. king sark you de best mc

  2. Giftyna Ntiamoah says:

    Ma yen dwene yen ho!!! Wo si mu akye3….wo si so na sarkodie y3 abofra!!! Mctweew.
    Medikal wo b3n no..u are talking bt west things
    Bra wo sneakers ne wo kick no 3firi awiemu ur boxers too..anaa wo b) tam
    Sarkodie will be de bosssy until he ve a deal wit Jay Z

  3. Karim Lori says:

    Manifest is jx talking….hw3 sark be our rap boss oo so masa don’t dis am koraaa or criticize him

  4. this is a master piece not bragging.oh by the way fuck ur rap god sark or wateva he calls himself

  5. Haha comparing #Ronaldihno &Messi…… one was only intelligent but the other is wise & intelligent. and that’s why #he is still in the game…..hehehe..there is only one best ever… ????????#? Sark & remember God is #King…..#that’s African rap god….

  6. Exle Hardy says:

    Thats true manifest, Sark is taking Ghana to the world. S3 obi b3 shine biom aa gyes3 sark ewu

  7. Fake fellas only support fake gees nd rappers
    Sark be dope,dats all I knw

  8. Sarkozy would murder twice on any given day and he is big star to any Gh person but underground music lovers the world over go always respect manifest. In essence manifest is a better creative rapper but Gh people never go respect that.


    Manifest is better dan Sarkodie, dasoooorr

  10. Fantiniba Sammy says:

    Manifest no go fit Sark ien size.Hw3,y3p3 obi ama woa diss e Sark a na rapper ode GTP ntoma pam #KABA .
    Obidi still we all be ur fans

  11. enock dakpo says:

    when was manifest to diss the rap king.dark punchline in kanta kill it all

  12. Princekofiamerica says:

    Sarkodie no bi small boi make u no diss am when did u come
    kabba nigga

  13. Manifest u try but boss s always a boss #Sarkodie AFRICA RAP GOD. Go to sleep GTP rapper

  14. Sark De rap king
    Manifest WO flow na ay3 weak sark go fi gv u napkin

  15. hey what has napkins got to do with weak people? am sorry but sark only rhymes…. got the flow but he aint got no punches

  16. Eric Daniels says:

    I don’t think far…. I need that beef in my okra stew to make it much appetising… no need for this god Mc and bossy rapper… leave this for the upcoming artiste to do to shine…
    #gh_bwouy #nobeefforbigrappers

  17. That’s a real bunch of punches dude, Manifest U re way Better Bro, Keep on repping Africa ???? Love ???? Ur Lyrical Punches.

  18. i always like those who relax in raping,dey take dem a tym n kill d bitz..daa b godMC M.anifest

  19. yoo manifest you rap but don’t compare yourself to sark.. Sark is a natural phenomena

  20. Don Billionaire says:

    Hey M.anifest you’d better respect yourself.
    You no go fit Sark.
    You rap as if you are drunk.
    King Sark go rule. Sark is the best of all don’t diss him.
    Have u even won a BET award? Sark has won it twice..


  21. keame marfo says:

    dont even know whom to support,as In my opinion the the best ever in GH should be either okomfour kwadee or probabily rap sofour,and the latter mentor them both,so i think he should talk some some sense into them both.coz l am dem crazy abt both of them and this beef thing wont help

  22. #godMc fans this is for u!!!


  23. Kwame Kight says:

    Lol there’s no time to argue with people who lack understanding
    #M.anifest you DE real godmc????????????

  24. Little Flowking says:

    Sark should Show maturity M…nifest pounches whilst Sark do nonfa by de way de Real king x Flowking Stone papapaaaa

  25. Ronald kwofie says:

    When a fight is prevented, the coward starts to
    boast .sarkodie n manifest u guys should stop all dis enb3l3sem n make ur money

  26. Lipsy Skillion says:

    even kofi kinaata go murder manifest

  27. well gees i dnt hate or dislyk any of them but Sark no size #Sarknation

  28. lamar junior says:

    m.anifest…lol chale you tried but never try again…sark be our rap king…but sark w’ano 3ya dodo eiii lol
    sarkodie no size fam

  29. How can you compare Sark to Manifest. Sark is a rap god men. He is the king of all the things u can think un de music industry. Sarkcess

  30. Aristo_Jay_Low says:

    . .. hw cn u boss round wen de boss x around… sark, tke a critical luk @ dis punchline nd u ll stp feeln bossy. yabr3 wo wai. alwaex tryna emulate de west nd messn around. #king m. anifest fnx dho

  31. masters of universe says:

    But sarkodie dont be silly dont let politics to lead you but remember what happen at the aflao 16 years ago the video is still there we make u popular to make people happy we did make you popular to fight others remember ur promise to ur masters.

  32. manifest hv punchlines, sark raw rapper . mmmm poooooor

  33. Quophi Ruud says:

    Sark does all
    Manifest is now maturing
    Manifest remember Sark told You that if it is #beef that You need you better switch on your phone because he gonna serve you with #fish
    Sark reigns forever no matter the weather

    • SHADRACH SELBY says:


  34. Manifest u be small boy so pray dat u get to where sark is.)bede is de kind of it all

  35. If manifest is brave enough to try the rap God, then sark shouldn’t show mercy to such a servant

  36. we’ve go to be real here Wai
    manifest is lyrically good than sark

  37. paloma major kilos says:

    Go fuck dar yah so called afican smaller god rapper koraaaa …….#Manifest best LYRICIST …..#GodMc ….snr u do allllllll

  38. Manifest paaa
    oh please as for this tap cool and observe the professional and best rapper… sark
    No need for all your accusational raps, GH won’t buy that.


  40. Dont compare sark to manifest u hear cos if sark nd manifestbsud rap in english manifest wins,if it cams to twi too manifest bi srn sark sud compare himself to bisa

  41. Ive now listened to daong chale sark u aa no wer near pls don compare koraaa srn manifest

  42. hmmmm,u guys should stop this.we are one family sark & mani

  43. M.anifest more dor.dor. T. dor. We still on the top of their Hater’s list!! Keep showing us the key words in Oxford dictionary cos is the language ruling the world. We could then careless! for that of the demmy negga who now knows how to open the mouth bottle of Ciroc,the skin pain negga who now knows how to shit and to flash on the land of McCarthy hills!,,the demmy who can’t succeed through out the ruling language and always flop seeking the attention of locally,,,the demmy with the tribal mark on forehead who doesn’t know Jack about how to improve economy by petronizing a country own goods!……..Go shop for some good manners and not to copycut on kanye west!!!

  44. Kwame Anthony says:

    The fact is sark is the best rapper. …..he is the best even in Africa. ..Sark the rap King…..u rule#….anyway I haven’t heard any hit song from menifest before. ….ahhhh is like comparing Esaase bontefufuo shs to KNUST…..atwaaa he live in Ghana forget about English rapper. …..menifest go to UK n rap there. ……KING SARK for real

  45. Sark is the king nd manifest is the servant ##Sark nation ##

  46. sark dey need oxford dictionary bab mainifest en rap o….Some of my peers spineless they are muppets
    Always nodding like a lizard, damn it, agama…..haha

  47. Look I’m from Zambian. Believe me, no one knows who Manifest is. I only heard about him after realizing that the Kanta track was a reply. Buh every Zambian knows who Sarkodie is. Sarkodie is the best in africa. Uyo Manifest wenu ku waya-waya fye. Ale ikala fye kunganda namafya yakwe. The fact is Sarkodie mukali konse not just local domination.

  48. Sarkodie brag too much. He shld take a chill pill.

  49. kvng~BHERRY says:

    Charley…when It comes to hip hop
    Manifest be GOD ooo
    Its lyk u guys are comparing Toyota to Masarrati…
    Even tho people knw sark(Toyota) very well than manifest(Masarrati), Masarrati get its class..
    Toyota be less kraaaaaaaa

  50. Kelvin Clerkon says:

    charlie sark don listen to wat people say abt u jxt continue ur work and i no u r the best rapper i have ever seen.s3 mo flow no ay3 fi a me br3 mo napkin

  51. Raine T. Golegio says:

    Manifest just wants to get popularity through Sarkodie. The fat of the matter is how many people really know him outside of Ghana as compare to Sarkodie? Manifest still needs to work harder because we in other parts of Africa don’t even know him to be a rapper yet but trust me we know Sarkodie well, because he always putting West Africa on the world map through music.

  52. hmmm mf is de godmc who b sark

  53. We are talking about music and who is best at it. forget knowing or not
    knowing someone. Sark be good but manifest be best. godmc for real. Sark will forever be an agama lizard. manifest be lord and king. If u know music u wont choose noise over lyrical music. class one rapper be sark. sark nation my anus.

  54. only illiterates go talk say sark kill manifest.dope lyrical content. infact ghanaians no dey lyk read dat b wana problem.sark always dey contradict himself. progress or regress.lol

  55. Why are some people weak in their heads…..plzzzzz stop this manifest this sarkordie this#we are one people with common destination….

  56. Directed by King. Cyrus says:

    Sark …keep copying the west….
    Ma guy manifest will promote African clothing line… That KABA thing wasnt a punch at all
    Manifest is the best…. …whats a king to a god Mn

  57. Sir Seadolf says:

    The guy knocked sark down koraa on round 1, lyrically he is best, ntokwa fro woa na ato wo ne ak3ka.hw come Sark toned too low like that? by insulting Ghanaian we wear gtp clothing by condemning a a company brand..Manifest u show that u’re proud to be an African. M’nifest wa bo no PA SAA A A. YOU ARE THE GOD MC.

  58. GH niggas no knw sey Manifest dey take over from der soo called sark after der long reign of illuminate in de land. manifest all de wae nd big UPS to der MANIFANS.


  60. lyon t kwesi says:

    we some intelliget negars dat can not derm it down…i feel de beat..i like de rythm..av learnt new words……manifans we knw say u re in real form.

  61. hmmm as3m oooo sark den manifest should cam 2geda so as to promote peace In gh….Dumelo jx did dat with yvornne so dey shd do same…luv u both

  62. manifest murder sark…
    the police is after manifest
    pls d funeral where we go do ‘am
    damn manifest be the real g#

  63. Shadrach Menifest Selby says:

    H333 Who says Sark be best Rapper?? h33 if the bosses are around
    , I beg make Sark not boss around koraa,, else the Rap god Manifest will kik him with a hooker,, Obedi Ghana best Rapper?? NOOOOOOOO!


    sark dey need oxford dictionary bab mainifest en rap o….Some of my peers spineless they are muppets
    Always nodding like a lizard, damn it, agama…..haha

  65. hw can u rate knowledge higher than wisdom?
    m.fest for real

  66. Yeah the only real wise rapper ever bro mani…fest leave that stupid fool of Sark he is just trying to block you to your success so…just tell him no time for him #godmc

  67. Hey guyz!! Inded i dont even know where to start & what language should i say for u to hear me clearly? U people are funnito & burrito.Who say Sark our rap Legend,messiah,God etc.. ebi not the best?.shhhh!!!! Silience everyone….onaapo,From A to Z nobody can stand him ooo. Sark is really size less,Sark please don’t mind him. 3rrm masa manifest whatever eeeeei,wo ti br)to koraah visa na y3 k) abr)kye. Sark is the HEAD of the nation. Sark u’re the MESSIAH of all rappers. U manifest koraah u can’t even compete urself to Teephlow,Donzy & Strong man(gee)

  68. ShattaSark u do all don’t mind him , he is talking so that he can also b seen bt is only sark we see for GH rap….
    Respect ShattaSark…. By TommyCash form nima…

  69. Who be sark…. Dat noise maker!!! Even Guru better pass sark!!! Menifest get no size ( booosu baako pe) respect de champ…..!!!!

  70. …….. dat sark is a presure rapper!!! Bat Menifest relaxe and kills beat dat be better rapper ( Menifest boooosu baaako pe)

  71. sark and manifest are all senior rappers, both has claim the award so they need that much respect.

  72. samuel addo says:

    They claim to be gold buh them be copper” thats deep and original.big ups manifest

  73. Theophilus Bekoe Hallowed says:

    If A King Doesnt Rule Well, He Has To Overthrown So M.Anifest Has Overcome Former King Agama

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