Magnom Talks EDM, Upcoming Mixtape, And Coming Back As An Artist

Magnom Beats Talks EDM, Upcoming Mixtape, And Coming Back as Artist



Ghanaian Producer, Sound Engineer and Judge on MTN Hitmaker Reality Show Magnom Beats (Joseph Bulley) joined Sky Fm’s LOUD IN GH to speak about his music career and success in the industry so far.

You don’t see him in videos or perhaps not familiar with his voice, but he is the man behind a string of hits, like sarkodie’s BET Award Winning song Illuminati, Edem’s Koene, Bounce, VVIP’s Selfie( remix) and other popular songs as well as co – producing Sarkodie’s Take It Back with MikeMillz.

The award-winning producer who has been releasing a number of songs over the past weeks told host Ike Frimpong the motive behind his saying: “I’m on a mission, I’m putting out a lot of music so people know what kinda artists I am and everything I’m working on. I’m not really in a rush to see success of any single song. I want to put all out so you enjoy my work collectively.”

Magnom has been at the forefront of electronic dance music (EDM) in the country for some time now, a genre he seeks to take up fully in the coming days after receiving great responses for ‘Kpa’ and “Boss man” which has both ignited a higher demand.

“First of all, I like producing things I enjoy listening to. I really enjoy electronic music and beats too. I started producing things like that from 2009 but didn’t really put it out. Usually when you’re picturing ideas to add up it becomes difficult because people might not see things the way you see them. I had to put the songs out myself, you’ve already heard ‘Kpa’ and ‘Boss Man.’

He also revealed his debut EDM single ‘Kpa’ which had Castro on was recorded before his sudden disappearance. He then fused his vocals for the song.

He’s widely known as a sound engineer but Magnom disclosed that begun a musical career as far back as 2002 before he ventured into beat making.

“I was an artist before I started producing beats and all. I’ve been an artist since 2002 that was when I was in high school, back then I was known as Joe Magnom. I quit rap and music totally until I found beat making and I came back. I was cool getting other people’s songs but I just like doing this. Again the ideas I want to put out, I don’t think anybody will want to. I just want to tell people my story or describe things from point of view to people and that’s why I decided to come back as an artist.

I’m an artist too, I put out a song a few days ago ‘Money In My Pocket’ featuring Ayat and Medikal. I did the chorus and bridge for that but I’m sure most people don’t know it’s me. I’ve been on a couple of songs too, I did the chorus for “jam jam” about 2 years ago. When the videos come out you’ll definitely know it was me on the chorus. People find it hard to believe that a producer can actually sing.”

Magnom again talked about him being fortunate enough to work with all these great artists is not as a result of his cordial relationship with them but actually because they understand his ideas and concepts thus making them associate themselves with his brand.

“If my songs are not good enough I’m not sure any artist will want to work on it. You could get special treatments but most of these songs I didn’t even push it, I just played it and they liked it. I don’t think it’s because I’ve been producing for them, they actually loved the song.”

The award-winning beat maker is set to drop a Mixtape ‘Matured By Nature’ and an EDM Album pretty soon where he will be seen doing a lot of rapping and singing.

“I’m putting out a Mixtape and called ‘Matured By Nature’ which is going to be a 15 song Mixtape. It’s ‘Matured By Nature’ because one time I was listening to my songs and realized all of them had matured content and pushed me to name it so. I have 15 songs ready, I don’t know if I will add anymore. It will include a couple of old songs like ‘Kpa’ and ‘Boss Man.’ I’m also working on some new stuff with Edem, Sarkodie, L.A.X , Medal and Lots of fresh acts. I’m coming up with a couple of EDM’s too and another EDM album later.

He released a Hip Hop tune a week ago with Medikal and Ayat.

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