Magnom- Money In My Pocket ft Medikal & Ayat (Download MP3)

Download Magnom- Money In My Pocket ft Medikal & Ayat MP3

Magnom- Money In My Pocket

Magnom- Money In My Pocket

Track: Money In My Pocket

Artist: Magnom ft Medikal & Ayat

Producer: Magnom


Hip hop producer, Magnom drops a new one titled “MIMP (Money In My Pocket). Medikal and Ayat go hard on the beat and tell you more about why they need money in their pockets. Read more about the song below.

The concept of currency is as physical as it is abstract. We scurry around everyday for a piece of the pie and the fact that there are a couple more zeros after a figure excites us.

Time and time again we then get lost in a whirlpool of an animated state of bliss. The effect that currency has on us is so profound that even when it’s just a possibility we get worked up.

This song was written from that Space. Ayat and Medikal were put on to give different perspective to this context. #MIMP (Money In My Pocket).



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  1. I am forever indebted to you for this inimnoatfor.

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