MzVee: I’m Ready To Collaborate With Kaakie

MzVee: I’m Ready To Collaborate With Kaakie



Ghana’s BET 2016 nominee for “Best International Act” (Africa), MzVee, has been under a lot of heat following the release of her latest single, Make I Shine. Many are of the view that, it was a reply to Kaakie’s Sankwas but the singer insists otherwise.

The “Natural girl” crooner in a brief interview with Ike Frimpong of Sunyani’s Sky Fm, schooled listeners and critics about the foundation of the song and affirmed she remains humble and cool with everyone. In a response she said:

 “Make I Shine” is a song I did for everybody that’s struggling to realise their dream because people are telling them they are dreaming too big and can’t achieve them. It also talks about support, we should stop bringing each other down and support each other to rise.

There’s enough space for everybody to shine so we should leave those who want to shine to shine. The foundation and meaning of this song is to spread the word of support and it’s for anybody, it’s for everybody that’s struggling like I have struggled before. Again I’m not beefing anybody, i’m very cool with everybody.”

Mzvee added that she is ever ready to collaborate with the later should the opportunity present itself.

Speaking on her BET nomination which came as a very big shock to all Ghanaians especially critics and music fanatics, the winner of the Best Female Vocalist at the 2016 VGMAs outlined the benefits derived from her participation and also shared some experience.

“The feeling was great, i was treated very nicely from the minute I landed in Los Angeles. I met very nice people and made lot of connections, it was amazing. The nomination alone has opened so many doors for me so it’s not just about winning, it’s selling me to Africa and the rest of the world in a nice way”, she added.

She again promised the release of her next album before December this year. After working with Shaydee and M.I both from Nigeria, Mzvee revealed working with other African artiste on her upcoming project.

“By the end of this year I will be coming out with an Album which will be launched with a great concert like I have been doing every year since I became Mzvee. Expect some Highlife, RnB and Afro soul music too. I’m not sure of the number of songs that will be on it because we are still compiling. I’m also working with a few African acts and I know it’s annoying when we say this on radio but I don’t want to mention names. I want us to finish what we are doing and I will inform you guys”.

The former member of female music trio D3, made up of Esbee, Adelleynx and herself, also hinted a possible reunion of all of them on one song. “I love those girls so much. I started with them and I relate with them on daily basis so I will love for all of us to get on a track together but it depends on when everybody has time to do that. Two of them are outside the country and one is here,” Mzvee added.

The singer also pointed out that her latest song with BBNZ’s EL is a Hip hop tune and a daily source of inspiration for her adding that: “I’m in love with the song myself, I listen to it like 25times when I wake up every morning. It’s like my daily dose of “vim”(inspiration) and the fans also love it as well; Twitter is going crazy about it. It’s actually a Hip hop song”.

Mzvee also disclosed she is set to release a few amazing music videos for “Make I shine” and other songs she has recorded so far. She left her fans with this emotional message:

 “I want to tell my fans I love them so much, they have a special place in my heart and I thank them all for their support especially those who always big me up and sure I’m okay. Some of them actually ask how I’m doing on social media and it makes my day easier, it’s really nice so I thank them all.”



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