Onaapo- (John Mahama NDC Campaign Song)- Download

Download Dee Ja Onaapo- (John Mahama NDC Campaign Song) 2016



Track: John Mahama Onaapo

Artiste: Dee Aja

Type: NDC Campaign Song (2016)


Like it or not, this is the official “bronya” song for this year’s Christmas.

This song is on fire. If it had caught people’s attention earlier, it would have definitely crippled Shatta Wale’s “Mahama Paper” as NDC’s official campaign song.

Anyway, as we all know, the polls have come to an end and we’re impatiently waiting for the Electoral Commission to declare the results.

The bad news for the NDC supporters is that, the picture doesn’t look good for them as the NPP is projected to win per provisional results. The good news is that, win or no win… we go use the song chop wanna Christmas.



  1. emmanuel jamel says:


  2. eric kwakuyi says:

    i beg of you guys to start a song for the return of jdm 2020

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