Patapaa- One Corner ft Ras Cann (Download)

Download Patapaa- One Corner ft Ras Cann

Patapaa- One Corner

Patapaa- One Corner

Track: One Corner

Artiste: Patapaa ft Ras Cann

Producer: Morgan Beat


This track has been making a lot of waves lately. It’s almost everywhere on social media as people have been uploading their own versions of the “one corner dance.”

In case you haven’t downloaded it yet, here you go. Get the song and do the one corner dance!



  1. Appiedu Edmond says:

    is blutaaaa

  2. Owusu waley jnr says:

    ….need more

  3. Eben Agyei Senda says:

    As for this one, Patapaa. I give all the credit

  4. Patapaa all the way.

  5. Am loved with ur song

  6. Patapaa this one dierr na fire

  7. La François museum ????

  8. God bless u R Kelly


  10. Commenting from GuruBasics

  11. Dzidodo Godfred says:

    Too much….. Keep the fire burning… patapa

  12. Mmmm tooomuch patapaa keep it up

  13. patapaa u spoil deir

  14. Issaka Ishmeal says:

    U are too much

  15. awuah baffour says:

    Waseihor massive work

  16. justice Bawuah says:

    hmmmmmm dis track jas neen downloaded papa*** & it even scarce @ de social media. patapaa woy3 brutaaal

  17. Nice piece of work .

  18. Writing all the way from Nigeria this song is a blast over here making every young ND old in Nigeria grab what Eva that is close too them ND lepete it

  19. Nice track. But nearly send a small girl to death by a electrical shock on a canopy during a funeral at old ayoma in the Volta region. 14th October, 2017.

  20. Cul music i can do a dance video for it tho

  21. Ur Bwoy Behavior says:

    Patapaa indeed u are the next king of ghana music industry x ur bwoy Behavior

  22. Obhaa Alkhalyne says:

    Keep de fire burning

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