PHOTO: Kwaw Kese Bumps into Kanye West

Kwaw Kese Meets into Kanye West

Kwaw Kese takes a selfie with Kanye West

Kwaw Kese takes a selfie with Kanye West

The man insane, Kwaw Kese yesterday posted a selfie with American rapper Kanye West on Twitter. He captioned it “MakingMoves just met @kanyewest at the Mercer Hotel… Coolest dude.”

Well, if the photo is anything to go by, two conclusions can be drawn from it.

It could just be that Bra Kwaw saw Kanye at the hotel and decided to take a selfie with him. Kanye agrees and that’s where the “coolest dude” comment comes in.

The second and the less likely conclusion is that the two probably met for some ‘big time talk’. But if that’s the case then a picture of Kanye and Kwaw sitting at the same table would have done the trick more than a selfie that Kanye wasn’t even focusing.

However, there is nothing in Kwaw Kese’s caption that suggests that the two are on a business talk. He only said: “I met him” right?

And for those out there thinking about a possible “collabo”, I can only say that you’re either hallucinating or too funny to be laughed at.



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