PHOTOS: Shatta Wale’s Nima Concert

PHOTOS From Shatta Wale’s “SM Sanlah Remix 2016” Concert.

SM Sanlah Remix 2016 Concert

SM Sanlah Remix 2016 Concert

Below are the photos from Shatta Wale’s “SM Sanlah Remix 2016” concert in Nima. The concert was meant to promote a peaceful election due this December. Thousands of Shatta Wale’s fans trooped to the Nima Highway to witness their king on stage.

The fans stood through the rain and cheered energetically as the ‘Dancehall King’ singer performed his addictive songs one after the over. According to sources, Shatta performed over 110 songs on the night.

Check out the photos from the concert.

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shatta wale concert

Shatta Wale performed amidst rainfall

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  1. Asakipaam Samuel says:

    Make u keep on proving my big shatta, no babylon can stop u
    we dey 4 u at anywhere, anytime. sm4lyf all de way.
    dis is ur boy chuky4lyf(participate).

  2. shatta wale no hypocrite kuda stop ur shine,shatta intact u toooo much _

  3. Event goers who spent their night at  the event grounds have been giving good accounts of the show which saw Shatta preforming most of his hit songs to his fans.

  4. The SM boss is alway the best and no one can be like him in Ghana musician industry…

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