Photos: Yvonne Nelson And Yvonne Okoro Officially End “Fued”

Call it the “Reunion of the yvonnes”!!

Yvonne Nelson and Yvonne Okoro were once the best of friends until their relationship went south.

In 2017, Okoro decided it was time to end the feud she describes as “unnecessary” and get things right.

“It is over. After a while, you will sit down and start to think, why are we even fighting? It doesn’t even make sense. It is so unnecessary,” explained Okoro in an interview with JOY NEWS.

“I picked up my phone and said Yvonne, where are you? ‘She said, ei what’s up?’…I said… you want me to come over or you wanna come over to my house? She said I can come over. She came over and that was it.”

The two recently had a photo session, and were photographed by Nelson’s baby daddy, Jamie Roberts.



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  1. Yvonne Nelson Fan says:

    The two celebrities even look alike

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