Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

This page discloses information about how the data we gather when users visit our website are used. Please read carefully to learn more about the non-personally identifiable information collected from you through this website and how you can opt out or control how this data is being used.

Information we collect automatically

We do not collect personal information or sensitive data such as credit card data, phone numbers, email address and street address etc.

However, we collect anonymous information from visitors as they use our website. The information is mostly non-personally identifiable data such as browser types, IP addresses and geographic data through “cookies.”

We use cookies on this site to help us improve our services. The usage of a cookie is not linked to any personally identifiable information.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on a user’s browser. These files are created when a user’s browser loads a particular website. Cookies are used by the server to store information about user page activities.  Some of these data are used to improve the user experience on our website.

Advertising networks such as Google Adsense uses cookies to display advertisements on this website.

Advertising and cookies

Our website partners with Google to show ads to our visitors. Google uses DoubleClick DART cookie for a number of purposes, such as to show visitors more relevant ads. Google offers many products, including AdSense, AdWords, Google Analytics, and a range of DoubleClick-branded services to help partners-websites manage their advertising.

To read more about Google Ads, Google Adsense privacy policy or opt out of the DART cookie, follow the link: Google Advertising privacy FAQ.

Managing cookies

Cookies play an important role in enhancing usability on our site and disabling it may prevent users from using certain website features. There are several ways you can control how cookies are collected.

You can enable or disable cookies. You can also delete and clear cookies from your browser. Since cookies are stored in browsers, the method for deleting (or disabling) them will vary depending on which browser you are using.

Contacting Us

If you have any further questions about our privacy information, you may contact us.