Read The wild Response Pappy Kojo Got After He Said Ghanaian Spirit ‘Sucks”

Some people take their fandom to a level that really gets a little aggressive some times.

It’s not been long since Pappy Kojo dropped off a brand new single (Give Me Love) with Nigerian Afro beats artistes Mr Eazi.

One obvious thing that has given his career more buzz is the wordplay that is mostly attached to his music, and it’s seems most fans do not enjoy it all.

The “Awo’a” star had something really interesting to share about his fellow Ghanaians, and after showing his affection for his homeland, he also shared a view about the Ghanaian spirit. He tweeted;

“I love Ghana,I love my Ghanaian friends,Ghanaian food, almost everything about Ghana but the Ghanaian spirit sucks.”

A rather aggressive fan opined that Pappy Kojo wasn’t in a position to complain, since he hasn’t done much through music to support the youth, aside preaching nudity. He said;

@PAPPYKOJO why wouldn’t the spirit suck when yourself you don’t play track to motivate the youth.. always “yi wo dross” remove your pant”


Instead of getting mad at the fan’s rudeness, Pappy respectfully set the record straight.

“im sorry,i will live my life how u want me to now,because it belongs to u.”




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