Samini- Opanaraay (Shatta Wale Diss)- Download MP3

Download Samini- Opanaraay (Shatta Wale Diss) MP3

shatta wale and samini

Shatta Wale (L) and Samini

Track: Opanaraay

Artiste: Samini

Producer: Samini


Shatta Wale and Samini’s feud continues as they’ve been dissing themselves musically and on social media recently. Shatta Wale released “Papa Twitter” about two days ago to make fun of Samini after his Twitter account was verified. This track seems to be the reply of Shatta’s Papa Twitter.

Samini had teased Shatta Wale in an interview some time ago that in spite Shatta’s incessant noise and bragging, his Twitter account has still not been verified.

So when Twitter finally verified Shatta Wale’s account some few days ago, he tweeted at Samini asking him if he could use his verification to “go buy plot in east legon.” He then went ahead to release “Papa Twitter” which was directed at Samini.



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  1. oooo samini u jux on same missle ridim now and then buh ur tracks ain’t dancehall. …no sense in vextra and opanaary????도ㅊㅎㅂㄹㅌㅉㅂㅊ

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