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Track: A Man’s World

Artiste: Sarkodie

Producer: Jayso


When it comes to making a diss track for the haters, Sarkodie is number one. And he is at it again! This time, he is going hard on Mark Okraku-Mantey, Programmes Coordinator for Hitz FM and Kwasi Aboagye, the host of Peace FM entertainment review.

Let me tell you more about what is going on here and what triggered Sarkodie to make this track which is directed at these two radio personalities.

Sarkodie and Kwasi Aboagye

When Sarkodie was about to launch his “Mary” album at the West Hills Mall, he called most of the radio stations in Accra for airtime to talk about the album (and promote it). Peace FM’s Kwasi Aboagye however stopped Sarkodie from promoting his album on his Entertainment Review programme because according to him, Sark does not respond to interviews.

“I’m not forcing Sarkodie to come out to talk. Even Sammy Forson we all know he talks for him, you won’t also get him to speak on the issue. So is it today that you want publicity you jump from one radio station and you want us to hold you up. I won’t open my doors for him.

You try to get something from them and they don’t mind you but today you need publicity because you are releasing an album so we should open our doors for you. When you shut your doors on the media but if you need the help…. that is not how it is supposed to be.”

Of course, I’m sure there may be other issues going on between the two behind the scenes that you and I might not know.

Sarkodie and Okraku-Mantey

Sarkodie and Okraku-Mantey have been beefing since time immemorial and it doesn’t seem to be boiling down either. According to Sammy Forson (Sarkodie’s manager), Okraku-Mantey once described him (Forson) as “Sakordie’s errand boy.”

In the latest development, he also revealed that Sarkodie lied to the public for saying that his “New Guy” video actually costs US$90,000. Okraku-Mantey, who is the former manager of Lord Kenya also added that the song will “die” (soon).

“We interact among ourselves in this industry and I can tell you that the $90,000 video Sarkodie said he shot is not true. I won’t push further but whoever says I’m lying should bring his proof and I’ll also bring mine. It’s as if Sarkodie rushed it because with all the public bashing, the song will die.”

So there you have it! If you hear the names of Okraku-Mantey and Kwasi Aboagye in the song, these issues (as well as others we do not know) may be the reason. But we’re loving it! Afterall, what is entertainment without beefs?




  1. rasty den dosty says:

    sarkodei iz a real nigger
    he say he be a real man

  2. Is all about sarkcess music

  3. sark all way sark u ar de best in gh music

  4. Oteng(Adifour) says:

    sark u are still de best rapper

  5. jacob Annobil says:

    sark be de king.. u remember …. dey smile with us just bcus dey cant fight us. i swear to God they dont like us……#sark

  6. Sark is still de best, but i agree with Kwasi Aboagye bcus dont respond to interviews. “SARKCESS” Music…..

  7. ike boneless says:

    but Ghanaians are so Hippocrates we always want ourselves downfall that’s why Nigerians are always ahead sark has raised up the Ghana industry

  8. Raphael Akorli (lord wan) says:

    Sark I play your songs when ever am not feeling happy, and I always wish to meet u one on one to take a photo graph, I love you sark ,

  9. I salute sarkcess …no one was dere wen he was suffering.. That’s life Ghana mentality.

  10. #uknowatymitis. sarkcess all do way

  11. Ransford Sarkodie says:


    u be boss…I swear..!! u nor gt size..u be ma bst artist 4 real
    we nor see nobdy…..u still de boss…!!


  12. we all go fit bak Sark……

  13. bediako christian says:

    sarkodi email

  14. #hahahaha
    I got nafyn to sae sark u
    Re de bst rapper ever n I hpe
    1wae i ll mke track wid u cuz
    U re philanthropist. So dat u gve me
    Hpe 4 free.

  15. I nd ur numba so dat I
    Cn xup wid u

  16. Gideon Gyansah Sarkodie says:

    i wanna hustle lyk u snr cos u re mah everytin

  17. Borden Brown says:

    Nice tune data..

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