Sarkodie- Bossy ft Jayso (Download MP3)

Download Sarkodie- Bossy ft Jayso MP3

Sarkodie- Bossy

Sarkodie- Bossy

Track: Bossy

Artiste: Sarkodie ft Jayso

Producer: Jayso


Friends turn into enemies, it’s called life. Two speakers, one flow and four mics.

Legendary Ghanaian rapper, the rap god Sarkodie drops yet another hot tune that features Jayso. It pays the costs to be the boss. It’s 2016 and Sarkodie is feeling Bossy.

He releases another jaw-dropping hardcore rap that clearly defines his rap dexterity and versatility. Sark says he is a king but he doesn’t feel like he got to wear a crown. According to him, you got to spit from the heart and not the jaw.




  1. 1. sark the rap king
    2. sark the rap father
    3. Sark the rap DR
    Thank u keep it up the king of rap

  2. Sark is always on point. Haaaa !!! King sark

  3. I agree with u sark always speak from ur heart but not from ur jaw. Anyways I love way u doing keep it up

  4. Dhope track keep it up kingsark

  5. ebi so char
    adey feel the vibe
    more good tunes
    sarkcess to the world?
    love char

  6. Me den ma negger eben luv to hr ur voice k3k3 den we feel ohk but trust me dis one is classic respect to kingsark de an beaten #always de king

  7. One of the best rapper of time u are, nice job.

  8. NoEnvy Sticky Mills says:

    Sark bi the rap God

  9. percy paciolo says:

    sark the rap Bossy

  10. Armani Tell'em kinggoldchains says:

    dope lyrics king sark

  11. Ellie Justice says:

    Sark. Mhen you’re a representation of music…. If music has a chance of changing its name I’ll vote Sarkcess.
    Keep setting the trend. ?

  12. all should bow down to King Sark.

  13. Sark y3 boss. Big ups!

  14. Sark we no dey get ur lyrics ohh. pls u for drop ur lyrics too.

  15. Rouja Millions says:

    Sark i salute u. U b toooooo much, U are unbreakable, unbeatable, unstoppable, undisputed and …………….
    .neggers if u get other words add am, sak off i short wrds

  16. i wonder where gh music would hv got to if u did nt cm in……u hv alrdy left ur legacy in music so it really de tym fr u to feel bossy!!!!

  17. Sak I be ur no1 fan

  18. kimani dmez says:

    sark d Rap king
    I Love ur vibes

  19. u booo Waa Sark u aa too much

  20. sark u too much u be baba for rap

  21. sark king of rap u are the boss

  22. sarkodie baba I fact you be too good bossy kill them all

  23. Jay Soo mern you nailed the beat. sark………. what else

  24. Raine T. Golegio says:

    Sark your game is very strong in the world, keep it up chief and don’t stop.

  25. solomon brako says:

    always on ponch line keep it up

  26. De-masto 215# says:

    Sark# the rappersician of all tym:
    GH and the entire world will forever hail you! We are all Sark natives.

  27. henry owusu says:

    u tooo much mhen i salute u n i dey feel u waaaa.Bigups #kingsark u too much.
    boss keep it up

  28. y’all knw there is only 1 rapper in gh… king?Sark ?.. ??

  29. i aint gona talk….u already noe

  30. Steve Dawson says:

    sark is a fantastic rapper he can turn the lyrics upside down and still get it glaring..those guys jxt dey want hype….comot for there you kindergarten rappers…#El and Manifest pls give the Boss space and stop hating.

  31. It is we the fans who have endorsed you ‘Sark’ as the king of rap so don’t mind your haters.They’ve nothing (awards) to boost of in Ghana music.We love you more,the most music awards winner.

  32. i dey feel u die..keep on the good works

  33. prof archimedes says:

    king sark indeed u are de bossy

  34. sark who? tweaa. this guy who is all about himself and nothing else. bossy so what? empty barrels makes the most noise and besides, top quality beads do no rattle

  35. Sean Eddie Phlex says:

    sark the rap teachers
    sark the rap master
    sark the rap counselor
    sark I won tell you say you no get size okay,..
    just don’t you use your breath on M’nifest give me the plat form make I Diss am give you.
    sark the rap KING manifest ne flow na y3 week enti y3 ma ne napkin

  36. Kanta dey kill mesef. Herr man your punchlines be DHOPE.
    $ARKCE$$ musick.

  37. King sark be the boss always,sarkcess forever

  38. Eben Gyamfi Roy says:

    I remember one Sark’s punchlines was: ‘ na s3 me dabi small boy bi k) diss me a, m3 dwa me tw3de3 ma na anya hernia’

    hahaha jus give m’nefest dat blow.. la?

  39. osei nana money says:

    sark the king of rap no1

  40. dope punchlines, I can’t understand u. charlie u bi rap king, and good work. keep it up

  41. Sark u do all……u bi de real boss
    No one fi size u koraaa…..sark #bossy#

  42. King sark bow down to greatness
    Asuer bossu track
    Love it

  43. king sark for real…bw down de greatness

  44. everyone is a good musician if only music is a gift from God then no dissing sark n manifest

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