Sarkodie- Fa Sor Ho (Download MP3)

Download Sarkodie- Fa Sor Ho MP3

Sarkodie and Tracy

Track: Fa Sor Ho

Artiste: Sarkodie

Producer: MOG


When Sarkodie announced that he wouldn’t release any record till next year, many of the fans thought he wouldn’t be dropping anything at all. But that’s not the case.

Though Sarkodie probably wouldn’t consider tracks like this one as a “record”, they actually end up becoming very popular.

When Sark dropped “RNS”, he called it a ‘freestyle’ and now the song is everywhere. At this point in Sarkodie’s career, we can comfortably conclude that the fans appreciate any track he drops.

Listen to this one, he calls it “fa wo nkwasiasem sor hor!”



  1. Frederic spanner says:

    i feel sark till death

  2. fa Sor h) ampa

  3. says:

    “fa wo nkwasiasem sor hor!” …….

  4. Am Joseph and

  5. h333 sark!! awoa ?? …point on point

  6. cant wait to see sark one day…..nnnka
    i go….. love u sark

  7. Why u say no sin no God no heaven in Dear rap?

  8. alphabet de general,,,, says:

    the king is always doing it,,,,,,, I respect u,,,,

  9. am gonna love u till I die

  10. Sark u do all..#Salut Fa Sor Hor

  11. Love u Sark and I thank God for seeing u at knust

  12. sark u be tooooooooo much #fasorho

  13. Sark ,U wll forever be de best rapper i hve ever know. Am a young up coming artist nd wish to feature my role model which is u SARK in my tracks

  14. U knw said money nobe problem.

  15. Sark….you dhope


    Sark all the way to the top forever respect. haaaaaaaa.

  17. Jeremiah essilfie says:

    I started listening to dark song from day one and I can see u are always the best u
    God bless yr hustle

  18. Flowkingshin lapinzo jnr says:

    Wises nagga……sark yhew make I feel in Ma life….fa sor ho….am really enjoying yha track roof……infact yhew are de best artists in African wai……®®fa fa fa fa sor ho

  19. Massa! Modern world! Stop these short short songs! If you want to be the GH Celine Dion lets know!

  20. Piesie Sarkcess says:

    They all say dey luv u but dey can die 4 u ( king sark)… ur numba 1 Fan
    #Piesie_Sarkcess peace b unto u 4eva.

  21. Sark all de way i de fill u waa , FA SOR HO

  22. larry papistic says:

    Indeed king is a king )bidi u are uncompetable champion

  23. Sark is the best paaaaa

  24. Sark u b tooooo ma!!!!!!

  25. Sark u be tooo much

  26. Abakah Gyan Joseph says:

    Obidi all de way

  27. Theophilus Tagoe says:

    sark u be toooooo much

  28. Sesia na me paa wompena ho w) Koforidua


  29. Dhop truck from u sark.keep it up for us.OBIPONBIDI-HAAA

  30. Rapper holic……u be tooooooooo much .
    Keep it up sark

  31. sark u bi true nigga herrr sark u dnt hav sizes fa sor ho

  32. sarkcess forever who na flowking fa so ho

  33. boss please forgive yah Girlfriend and she will love you forever wai please Boss




  35. Luv id

  36. 😳 shyblinkz says:

    Sark u do all u be dope wai nooo size
    Fa so ho

  37. Infact Sark u are trully a legend,
    hope to see u oneday.

  38. haaahhhaa king sark the ruler

  39. …………… 9s 1 der ……………

  40. SARK u are truly de chosen rapper for diz country may God bless u papaaapa and keep de gud work u are doin it UP!

  41. Avery Exmond (dj.hit) says:

    woaw edey be kwa basaaa I like it is me Dj hit. from Asankragwa (W R)

  42. Jeremiah bruce says:

    Father of raps,may God bless u.NO SIZE

  43. Osei Owusu Bright Scotlin says:

    Keep it up Sark8-)

  44. Appiah emmanuel says:

    Sark u ar tooooooo much

  45. Michael Owusu Jackson says:

    always hearing blockey rappers… Sark when u deliver ur punches den rappers dey hide. he’s bless nd can’t compare

  46. Dope track Sark keep it up

  47. luv u bunch sark -de best featuring artiste

  48. Buh truly, not a joke I can fit burn Sarkodie in terms of rap because my rap go fill built Atakpame 10 rooms

  49. Sam Gershon says:

    Message Sark u really done well for this son. l like it. bigups to u, conteneou to hit for us

  50. okley Philip says:

    sark u do all


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