Sarkodie- Fine ft Dex Kwasi (Download MP3)

Download Sarkodie- Fine ft Dex Kwasi MP3



Track: Fine

Artiste: Sarkodie ft Dex kwasi

Producer:  N-Dex


Sarkodie celebrated his birthday yesterday with a lot of wishes from his fans and friends. I’m sure this track was released to get people in the ‘birthday mood.’

Unfortunately, I’m not feeling the vibes at all. Sarkodie has been doing really good in 2016 and I must say this is probably his only track I’m not ‘checking’ this year. I’m not trying to be harsh, but his Demos back in the days all sounded better than this track.

At this point in his career, Sarkodie shouldn’t waste his time on songs like this. I must say, this is below people’s expectation and definitely below the belt. The rap and flow are ok (as he can rap to any beat) but the chorus and the beat are uninspiring.

The Lyrics are okay, because why would you expect him to be using metaphors, personification and other poetic elements in a song called “maye fine?”

The track finally ended with a totally different hook/beat which I think is unnecessary. It keeps me thinking if this track was actually approved by Sarkodie before its release.




  1. kwesi Distinct says:


  2. no size in Gh

  3. Flyboii Bright says:

    Oboii sark you Bede best ever (#bossy)

  4. EDWARD BARNES says:


  5. skuul dey bore says:

    cbarley sark abe skull dey bore guy wholoves u tooo much dat wishe to like u wen grow ryt now I hav leant all ur 2015hitz n remis dem
    u be too much
    eno be u no get shadda e be swarg wey no get manifest

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