Sarkodie- Hand to Mouth (Download MP3)

Download Sarkodie- Hand to Mouth MP3

Sarkodie- Hand to Mouth

Sarkodie- Hand to Mouth

Track: Hand 2 Mouth

Artiste: Sarkodie

Producer: Fortune Dane


Looks like Sarkodie is on some mathematics of life: rapping about percentages! His message to the youth is simple, plan well in life. If you get enough money, buy lands, build houses, save money at the bank and learn to leave it there. The track was produced by Fortune Dane and mixed by Rapper E.L. Check it out!



  1. I love ur music

  2. i love u sarkodie… U are a music God. TM for life

  3. mcphil ys obeng says:

    Sark u b DoN
    U re de HELL of a NATION

  4. Sark is the best music in west Afircan

  5. Wel done sark, tanz for yr advice

  6. Muziq Prophet

  7. sark u are always de rap God.obidiponbidi

  8. U got d rap i already know

  9. Armstrong Kumatsia says:

    kudos Sark. you are always on point

  10. U really forcing ..keep it up

  11. Edmund Clifford Sagacious says:

    hmm,nothing to say!!

  12. we will always rely on Sark

  13. amegatse anthony seyram says:

    Hu on this planet our motherland can b compared. Oya Cary on African rap God.u b too much

  14. clement Ricaldo Kaka says:

    sak u aer too much

  15. more life sark; keep up

  16. Nice track sark I really enjoyed listening to it, God richly bless u

  17. Big ups sark

  18. bezzola rankx amoako veronica says:

    Eeei Sark i luv dat

  19. sarknation we will always lean on

  20. i don’t noe uf i should die for diz man or not hrrrr sark toooooomuch””’

  21. sark wo y3 too much wai,no body bat u

  22. Asamoah owusu-twum says:

    Sark u re bruuuuuutaaaaaal kep it up

  23. sarkcess numba wan

  24. You on top of your game Sark.

  25. sarko you have no size…. you music words always advice a lot ..

  26. vgma iz ur hm

  27. Too much bro sark

  28. Rap doctor

  29. Antus Kelenke says:

    Sark natiooooooooon!!!

  30. Raskid baba.....04 says:

    Eeeeei sark,i realy love ur songz.keep it up.
    Stone bwoy is also trying Bhim….shout out to u all

  31. Sarkcess….lyrics on point! wisdom at its peak! huh!

  32. Carlochantella says:

    Sark 20% hand to mouth Joeyo

  33. Dope music
    big apps tu u sark

  34. Thus my man!!!!
    Sark nation, u be the best…
    Congratulation …



  36. sark! sark!! sark!!!
    u murder every beat….u re too much

  37. sark u always speak sense luv dat

  38. eiii the moment I here sarkodie I fell good in my heart

  39. sark u be de best

  40. sark u are the best may God bless u more

  41. serwaah adepa says:

    Sark nations , sweetheart u r too much. I love this song

  42. sark, you kill it and am really proud of you meeeen

  43. S.A.R.K A.L.L T.H.E. W.A.Y%%!

  44. $@rk u no geh size

  45. Fred amponsah says:

    Sark 3ye adom FA asida ma oyamkopow na 3ye Ono an waye

  46. sark u r more

  47. bigupz to u sark cess

  48. Sark u be dope … u be crazy chaleyyyyyy

  49. Mmmm u gat di devil in you forealz… Dop track.

  50. Desmond majeed says:

    sark u aa tring tu say sometin Oooo

  51. Nana Agyeiwaa Kodie says:

    I luv the song and is very advisable

  52. I Raheeeeeem says:

    Father of music we need hot English rap from you soon

  53. king sark feeling ur rap call me jay sark

  54. oseikuffouraplass says:

    I like ur music

  55. Williams Rich Gh says:

    Sark u du everything oooo wadios

  56. sark you the best I didn’t understand the language u are saying but still feel you keep it up I love you

  57. GYAN TOFIC says:

    Sark You the best…….Cheer up.

  58. Sark ooooooo sark sarkcess music forever

  59. Sark no size.

  60. john nuworsu says:

    looking for loves

  61. we are waiting for more, keep it up!

  62. KingSark

  63. serk u too much

  64. sark u ar always my favourite..kudos to u… blessup..Wat else?

  65. Enersto Corbin says:

    He is tooooooo muuuuuccccccchhhhhh NOW.$$

  66. Hmmm.Dats why l alwaiz sae SarkCess music na top oooohh…

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