Sarkodie- Kanta (M.anifest Diss) MP3 Download

Download Sarkodie- Kanta (M.anifest Diss) MP3

Sarkodie- Kanta

Sarkodie- Kanta

Track: Kanta

Artiste: Sarkodie

Producer: Matic Music


Now things are really getting interesting in the Ghana music scene and we just can’t have enough of it. “Bossy” rapper, Sarkodie has replied “god MC” M.anifest barely three days after the latter dropped a track that was directed at Sarkodie.  [Listen: M.anifest Disses Sarkodie]

According to Sark, Manifest is playing smart by trying to use his name (Sarkodie) to promote his album. Note that M.anifest’s “god MC” is off his forthcoming album “No Where Cool.”

The Bossy rapper also revealed that he is disappointed in him for being ungrateful in spite of the free retweets and promos. Listen to the track and drop your comments below.


Download only the music part (without the latter solo voice)




  1. dope track

  2. Chaley sark u need to know your level.Taking a pen to a Gunfight excuse me to say is immatured #Manifest You Do All. Sark should b expecting more sowi for him

  3. Adjoke Raphael says:

    Sark is the real god MC, Manifest is still a kid

  4. godMc… i wish sark was even the worst he’s nowhere near m.anifest not even a single punchline in this track smh ghanaians be real

  5. I think this was all about punchlines to convince about the best rapper at the moment. I don’t think Dark should have attacked Manifest directly. Sort of Ad Hominem (Relating to Logic)

  6. everyone got his style yeah

  7. Sarkcessfull DanAbek says:

    sark will always be the best among them

  8. this is getting out of hand…. these two rappers are matured enough to be doing this…… we are all one blood… #beaf ain’t nothing.

  9. I still don’t think Sark has a point, he shouldn’t be an arrogant. He pretends to play nice meanwhile he doesn’t. Big ups M.nifest…u b d godMC

  10. kwamina tartan says:

    Message:herrr this is serious ooo

  11. mark tonto says:

    Sark be best rapper pass Manifest….how many times has Manifest be nominated for BET….Sarkodie me tu 3twee na wu.

  12. Arnold Kaxter says:

    Sark just stop this u killing them. Y’all forgetting what SARK was doing before the fame he did this everyday he’s a battle weapon he did this to put food on his table dnt dare manifest this guy’s a battle lord

  13. Elijah benytruce says:

    this shit make no sense #kanta has no punchline in it making this stuff worth nothing .it feel sarkodie was very pissed after hearing god Mc and it makes lot is sense wat #Bitch in his diss track #kanta meaning

  14. one time for your mind @sarkodi

  15. Ahhh dis one no maturity dey inside oooo sark pleaded to use manifests thing and den all of a sudden opana start dey hit on sark as if sark is a kid b mtcheeew

  16. Dhallas Bhansah says:

    manifest is da best buh it like the world hates quality things you know …just like how hippop sells better than Gospel

  17. see boys sark only pleaded to use manifest thing and all of à sudden he start to hit sark as if he has taken his nikky frm him

  18. dis guy b the king of africa music sark keep it up

    Her b de sarkss group chat dis group is about all GH MUSIC
    If u wona add WSAP THIS NUM 0543111911


  19. Popescanty says:

    Sarkodie is the best ever raper I have seen

  20. king sark u be rap god. sark murdered the panda beat. herrrrrr punchlines paaaa nie

  21. Don’t compare any rapper to sark
    Sark is de best in gh rytnw

  22. Sark is the best rapper I have seen . Who be manifest not even E.L

  23. Alexis Laurent says:

    @ mark tonto is all about how many times who wins or being nominated for BET when is comes punch lines we don’t consider that Sark has been popular doesn’t mean his the best and lines he drops are not best compare to the way king should deliver…. Just disappointed as his fun….. I will go for # Manifest… This time the best

  24. kofilegacy says:

    Masa sark jes talk nonfa., ders nofn real..if manifest uses gtp to sew his shadas atleast he’s promoting Africa n GH..fuck sark fuck tm

  25. There are Only two 2 Rappers in Ghana…
    1. Sarkodie
    2. The rest

  26. everybody’s got choices man. u be #king wey som bro be #godMC wat be ur beef?



  28. legendary #Dary Decor #creativity no limit #Vihm more says:

    I think manifest should go back and listen to Bossy, yh coz every rappers says he/she is the best/boss. We’hv heard so many rappers diss sark, even lord kayan came out say sark isn’t the best but we didn’t hear any reply from sark. So is why is sark replying manifest on this 1. I think manifest went far by taking Bossy by sark very personal by doing god mc. Well the game is on let’s see what happens.

  29. Legible Zamani GH says:

    Hiow do you guys understand the name SARK… Still Africa Rap King…

  30. manifest, i like u but, u got to show respect to the RAP KING #KingSark. He showered u by asking for line. #respect

  31. See,Ghanaians!! Rap is not all about punches!! Sarkodie can punch a million times if he wants to..I respect manifest but sark is the ultimate

  32. Ketoa OneOne says:

    Sark & M.anifest are all good rappers. each of them is good at what he does. one thing is that, they should stop bigging themselves with different titles and stay focus.

  33. Sark …who b da bossy..respect#sark kanta..

  34. Sark …u b da bossy..respect#sark kanta..

  35. M.anfest chale he can’t stand u, he needs juju!..


  37. kizito mensah-smith says:

    Sark this shows immaturity. Rap is not all about punches but a little respect. Tombs up team M d) d) d) te d)

  38. Eric Daniels says:

    I don’t think far…. I need that beef in my okra stew to make it much appetising… no need for this god Mc and bossy rapper… leave this for the upcoming artiste to do to shine…
    #gh_bwouy #nobeefforbigrappers

  39. Sarkodie’s just being an arrogant fool…money ain’t everything…. Not even a single punch line in his kanta track.. Why reply manifest’s god MC and ignore the others… This means he was hit so hard by the god MC track….
    What’s a king to a god MC?????
    #team_M d) d) d) ti d)

  40. And who is talking about money here if u don’t know what rap is then you need to know that you don’t need dictionary in order to rap .And also in rap you speak from your heart and not your jaws . Sark nation

  41. #Manuel, guy wo maametw3 wai
    You think say grown ups kiddies.
    Think before you speak. sark be legend.

    You said. ” manuel
    on July 5, 2016 at 2:23 am
    Sarkodie’s just being an arrogant fool…money ain’t everything…. Not even a single punch line in his kanta track.. Why reply manifest’s god MC and ignore the others… This means he was hit so hard by the god MC track….
    What’s a king to a god MC?????
    #team_M d) d) d) ti d)”

  42. Nana Yaw Flex says:

    real dope music from the camp of manifest, the guy is on point and the words were soo clear, this really made me to have time for his other tunes. godMc was Hot

  43. kobbysparks says:

    Sark i beg relax give am wai cos this one be toooo much big Sark. SarkNation

  44. kofilegacy u call ur sef u fool waaaa jimi jimi kwasiaa boi kakai manifest be warn idot

  45. king Sark bow to greatness….#Sark be da best

  46. Manifest murdered Sark

  47. Oteng(Adifour) says:

    sarkodie is still de African rap God even if u insult him,Ashe wooooooeee

  48. Manifest rapped with strong bars good flow and punches,dat is wat makes rap.why dyu think we listen to kendrick ,cos of punches.Sarkodie juxt has flow and hype.if u are battling with rap,u win based on how sick ur punches if manifest and sark battle.It is obvious manifest will win.Sarkodie jux has the hype because of were he used twi rap to reach….Manifest will murder him

  49. Little Flowking says:

    Sark chely u for grown up stop makin nonfa m.nifest x de Best not even talkin about Rap King Flowkingdrone

  50. sark u do all u be de king of rap u manifest he be ur size po ne guru kwasie boy

  51. Lipsy Skillion says:

    manifest is gud buh sarkodie is the ish

  52. Emmanuel Amoako says:

    Bigups to ma role model SarK (still African rap king)ur name still remains in de rappers book of life buh manifest is still ur Sark junior…….

  53. u know what? manifest is 1 of the best rappers u can talk of but the problem is he doesn’t get the kind attention he deserves. This beef thing is finally giving him that which is very good. But the truth of the matter is sark is (Africa’s greatest) therefore he has no competitor.

  54. AH!hw kan a freaki fuckin mouse dare a bossy cat.i pet #manifest waa bt punchlyns or not #sark b de #king#god#bossy#HUH

  55. Why sark want to claim pure gold?he is still be copper#Manifest u are the Godmc!!!!!!!!! WaniAba

  56. who is manifest anyway…..pls can someone tell him he is still in class one while sark is doing his PHD when it come to rap……….even when sark cough on his album i will purchase it but will never waste time to buy manifest full album.

  57. sark is real….who the f**k is Manifest….that’s a cheap way of been famous by dissin sark….we know u rap but ur music is not
    popular than atom y3 w) krom but u claim to be rap God…grow up …# this beef is like Kennedy and Afia swaz..# think abt that

  58. ècoutèbon says:

    snr man , sark don’t bother yourself cos ghanaians are gonna reply for you. you are the best now and forever. you made ghana music music….

  59. we talking chainz
    u wearing GTP mmmmmttttccchhheeeeewwww
    bigups #SARK

  60. manifest n Sark who will win a show to perform? Sark, still de best

  61. did u guys listen thoroughly to both music n analyse it critically?sark is just whack..he got smack…kingmc is nofin compared to godmc…manifest is an intellectual rapper…sark needs to learn…if u rap fast does nt mean u de best…hes still a hiplyf shs artist…nt even a diploma level in hiplyf

  62. Ghanaians like sark cos he reach…buh guys be real..Manifest will murder sark…am not sure u guys analyse dr tracks

  63. lil.CONCORD says:

    Sam guyz be for hr jx dey bele dem mouth dey tok nonfa…masa mk all Manifest funz komot we noe dey manifest hr…we re of #sarkcess

  64. sark de rap king wo flow na ye fi a me bre wo napkin


  65. Michelle Bonsu Prempeh says:

    Because of sark’s success,some hate him but the thing is when u dt put the item at it place it will fall down.once a king is always a king.and have forgoten soo soon that obrafour gave him the crown but he jst dnt want 2 wear it to prove that he is really a king but everthing abt him shows clearly that he is really still african rap king(S.A.R.K) By the way sark is sizeless when we talk of rap:-D

  66. Nana Kwabena says:

    people get small fame then arrogance set in…just finished watching EDEM ft KWAW KESE & SARK(self acclaimed king )…. I think Manuel is totally on point.

    so what’s really wrong abt trying exhibit what Ghana has got to the world. even the westerners we are trying to impress are embracing our ghanaian/african prints for their clothes. so what then becomes of you that is trying so hard to look like the Jay-Zs, Kanyes’ and Drakes’. you can never be them just be urself and be an african period. Plus here is the truth, sark has got the flare and style to make you dance when you enter the nightclub but trust me M.anifestive is a dope lyricist than sark(king). a perfect case study is Jay-Z(Sarkodie) and Nas(Manifest). PERIOD #TheGOD_MC

  67. says:

    Lil-sark be me up coming artiste from oseikrom Kk.her!! manifest don’t used ur chick mouth to insult my senior sarkology coze bossy track no be diss track so enough let the people decide wai.haa!

  68. Sark is good. .No two thoughts about that but I TELL YOU—M.ANIFEST IS DEEP..godMC

  69. What is a God to none believers,
    We still need more mani to empty sark collection

  70. Demosco Mh says:

    Mosco. U can’t copare sark and manifest,there is no 2 way7 abt dat.SARK is the best

  71. I don’t see the reason why m.anifest should be irritated and insult his fellow being simply because he said he is the best and also used your name in his track (bossy). To the god mc rapper I say, learn how to talk and show aime sought of respect cos he did showed you respect in his. Big ups manifest, big ups sark

  72. sack

  73. guyz,duh yuh noe sth,manifest wanna use sark inorder to get fame.f**k u manifest,work hard as king sark did.
    if manifest wanna be famous,let him learn from S.A.R.K.
    manifest can’t even be compared to Strongman and Opanka.
    Sark be bossu.
    s3 rap ay3 fi a,m3bra wo napkin.

  74. Abstract one says:

    all dos hu insulted both artise u dont hv sense dx x all abt entertainment if u heard u ryt one of u was talking abt respect and luk at u guys shame on u all rap x wat u feel n understand x lyk peom straight frm de heart.

  75. Prince Ani Welbeck says:

    Sark ibeg shon dis beef cultivation it’s only the under groung artist do this

  76. Brobbey Edward says:

    manifest is the best, sark is a tribal signer.

  77. only sark neggiers

  78. qwabena skippa says:

    this was too direct. good flows buh guys cut this beef. it not helping guy we need peace

    though is fun lyk how mzvee said it

  79. critical Cos Gee says:

    Sark all de way.

  80. Kelvin Botwe says:

    sark u do all because u are de #king of #Africa manifest no nafin

  81. Sarkodie is kumawood, M.anifest is Hollywood. How can you compare the two. Only kids and illiterates will hype a twi rapper to an English godmc.

  82. pappy monies says:

    u guys should stop putting in more fire. we need peace n nothing else

  83. Flyboii Bright says:

    Manifest HV an very sick flow
    He’s not even active in his songs
    Sark Bede best ever in the Ghanian
    Musiz industry

  84. Kwame Vinci says:

    You r not king of rap in Ghana until u feature the best lyricist in GH Okra Tom Dawidi in ur track #SarkDontUFuck #godmc

  85. mystic renolph says:

    Na manifest paa, na i dey feel ur trucks but hw could u ….de African rap God…still särk is de boss ….kingsark baakop3… Manifest shd team up wid sark n shon dat beaf,abrofokese3 TO promote ghana music (hiphop)

  86. So that guy stilled compared his lyf to kingsark? Maybe he has forgotten that Sark will not be gone, Sark be de king and Sark pls make u not worry because the thing u go win.

  87. apitty sharobaro says:

    Sark still da’ big guy all MC’s don’ wanna beef with..manifest in real shit rynnow…
    He cant try our own khaligraph jones though…

  88. sark all de way

  89. HAYZKOBINCHY says:

    S ark fuuuuuu

  90. Kokoroko Daniel #Brain Body# says:

    You people should stop all these beef M#S
    Remember Ghana is a peaceful country so you people should stop all these empty movement
    We love the two rappers
    #we want peace in the music industry#

  91. Manifest u B fuufuukwa sark alldeway

  92. Sark ay3 late…god mc le on point…sark you are mot a raper n i know tant u know it’s true

  93. Sark ay3 late wai…god mc is just on point…Sark you are not a raper n I know u know it’s true…fuck you sark…u’re are a big bullshit????? manifest you are truly the #godmc

  94. Am a nigeria but i love sarkodie more some nigerian rappers sarkodie remains the best i have seen in Ghana

  95. I really admire sarkodie in the way he raps and I can say he is the best rapper indeed

  96. Twaynist theories had discovered that King Sark* is havn rap chromosome in his allele.

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