Sarkodie- Sarkoholics (Download MP3)

Download Sarkodie- Sarkoholics MP3



Track: Sarkoholics

Artist: Sakodie

Producer: x Kaz


Sarkodie loves his fans so he has dedicated this freestyle to his special fans, the Sarkoholics.  Prior to releasing it, he announced on social media and asked his followers to drop their names. Hopefully, if you’re one of those, you might hear a shout out from him on the track.

Once again, King Sark shows his dexterity by rhyming with his fans’ names while keeping the message on point.

He also addressed those who think he brags in his music. Sarkodie makes it clear that ‘you can skip 2016, he’s still winning.’ In his own words, “they say I brag too much…but check the numbers brand is still relevant, still selling out concerts.”

And to the media houses who think he’s not responding to your interviews, you better pay him for answers. Sarkodie also added that people should appreciate his efforts in the Ghanaian music industry. Listen to the freestyle and tell us what you think about it.



  1. Herh Sarkodie, you be lyrical scientist and you’ve got a sarkotherapy to cure ill-mannered pple

    you didn’t mention my name but yet, am feeling as if my name was mentioned

  2. qwobena koby says:

    Feeling as if my name was thruawt the rap….bigups @kingsark #music4thepeople


    Herr Herr sark u be too much we love you so much still waiting and expecting more from you. We are always proud of you from your fans here @ sekondi takoradi @sarkcess

  4. It is Sark Or Die!!!

  5. Yer das ma mern KingSark de ruler.

  6. Emmanuel Klint Parker says:

    Nice Track rap sofo)…
    Raperholic…alwys makin it BIG “respect” nice track

  7. NYC der ma motivator
    king SARK d rap god

  8. Righteous Yamoah says:

    Salute to you KingSark the ruler, the rappers king!!!

    God bless you a lot and you are the brightest star in the night sky!!! I love you Sark®

  9. K.A.Marfo-london Uk says:

    akyem new tafo fans luv u more……keep ruling…kingSark

  10. Sark, for sure u made Gh proud in terms Rap.
    Your words never miss the beat. big up
    keep winning more awards for Gh..
    Sark Sarkology

  11. Neygee Cartel says:

    King Sark the ruler u be so much
    Big ups to u
    keep it on God bless u

  12. Errh sark u be too much.sark nation.
    U spoil everiwer keep it up.

  13. Hw bi u kuraaa

  14. Okyere Samuel says:

    no sark no rap king. Sark or die, sarkoholics mmmmmmnwaaaaaaaa!!!

  15. Dat my men kingSark the boss of bosses in Ghana. I like what u will do every time, my salute goes to you.

  16. Bastean 4rom Tema says:

    sarkodie is a rapper hero. not over yet.his replacement will be in 2050

  17. Sarkcessfull DanAbek says:

    Long live King Sark.

  18. Yo U are my number one fun bro keep doing it big and my name is BIGEBEN U know. B.I.G. LOL

  19. God bless u sark n give u internal life…..

  20. No sark no rap..kinsark all de way

  21. Quacoo Kertius says:

    ******nO sARK…nO rAP………..******

    sark…… do all

  22. rap Pele

  23. Mainbrainz monarch says:

    Rap king sark n sarkcess music no size, all the way rapperholic…….

  24. Sark u are always a king in rap

  25. Chick-Magnet says:

    Its a Hit-holic…Highly classicholic…Always my best Rapper among the Rest!!

  26. Steve Dawson says:

    Moa 3yaa rap k)m di mo no OBIDI y3 mo chef..hahahax..Real Rap for real fans..Sark de Rap king#stillDope#4ever dope#lolx

  27. sammy Ntsiful /Air Marshall says:

    Sarko woy3 rapa baako p3 waaaaa more swag

  28. Black Hammer says:

    Haaaaah King Sark de day u stop rapping, earthquake will comes to de whole world.

  29. augustin hallie says:

    Happy birthday sarko

  30. Message eeiii king sark without u rap die 4 lngtim

  31. kingsark, infat you deserve to be crown as a king in Gh music industry because your words are so meaningful and advisable to we the and my 12 friend’s we say we love you kingsark.

  32. sark Ghana rap God (mhe ky3 na


  33. Bombontu Peter says:

    God bless Sarknation…….******Sark woy3 2 much 200% for rap.
    e new track nice dr333de.

  34. sark be de boss of bosses in rap.sark u do all

  35. Nana Kwasi Aboagye-Mensah says:

    hmmmmm, this sark guy, God is still King cos he’s made sark a living legend…

  36. Senior sark respect i check ur swag rough from labadi
    Kingsark we expecting mor

  37. Ntiamoah kofi says:

    My Godfather u ard the realest.Dope u.

  38. Ntiamoah kofi says:

    My Godfather u are the realest.Dope u.Hurrrrrrrrrrr

  39. king sark i didnt hear my name in ur music sarkohlic pls mention my name next tym …i salute u king sark

  40. Kwarteng Philip says:


  41. Seidu Alhassan A.k.a the King Of Jay Tee @ Sankore says:

    Ghana’s Finnest And World Most Wanted Ayikoo.Sark I Wana Apreciate 4 Your Gud Deeds By Dedicating A Brief Freestyle To U In Akan So Make You Sing: obedeponbede Wo Akyi koraa Mpono Hwan Ne Ohene Me Tie Wo Ndwom Koraa Na Me Ho Y3 Me Hene Ampa Woy3 Opabene Tie: Ndwom Na 3gu tes3 Anopa Bosuo Metumi S)re Anadwo Desuo,me tie Depepa Maniwamu Nisuo Nipa B3n Na )tumi De K3nt3n K) Nsuo Ampa Woy3 Tuntum S3yuo .(am Ur No.1 Underground Fun Who Can Sing About 43 Of Ur Tracks From B/A Sankore Senior High School facebook page is *like for daily tips*.Thank You! But What is Fiafitor?

  42. am:Sumaila Hudu aka Toxic inside ksi sawaba says:

    Heerrrr Mr,Owusu u are sizeless,u are de dopest musician in gh,no matta wat dey can never were ur shoes,keep de gud work n more dope tracks,respect BoSs hope to see u one lets go.

  43. Sark u kno ge size kraaaaaa i salute u bra panin #Cedix de Husla

  44. Sarkodie kasahare rapperholic #no size u ar de best among de rest mmmmmmmwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaa

  45. “Sarkcess Rules Gh 4 Real 4 Now And 4Ever”
    whatelse…haaa…you.know what tym it is.

  46. Ooh Dr sark u bi tooooo much,,, keep it up..

  47. Big man u did it again

  48. Sark u’re brutaa than brutality

  49. Dollarblink Dickson says:

    u too much . I m always in love with ur Rap bravo.

  50. sark now u be sarkmaster from day one to rap teacher oh what a rap god

  51. Boss Of Music King Sark Tafo Neggers De Salute, Plz We Wonna Hear Our Town’s Name In Your Song Always.-Obey 4 Real

  52. I ‘ll neva forget u Sark!, Your rap always run through my system n made me still be a Niggar. I need more tracks in the 2017 as like ”Take It Back” and Revenge Of The Spartan. Your tracks awaken me in bed every morning, I think one the, when your gone, your soul would be still sing for us!! I believe in you Sark.

  53. I ‘ll neva forget u Sark!, Your rap always
    run through my system n made me still
    be a Niggar. I need more tracks in the
    2017 as like ”Take It Back” and Revenge
    Of The Spartan. Your tracks awaken me in
    bed every morning, I think one day, when
    your gone, your soul or ghost would be still singing
    for us!! I believe in you Sark

  54. i feel every heat in any banger you drop. keep on with the hard work
    king sark all the way

  55. okodie dat

  56. Sark u the besr

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