Sarkodie- Wofa Kwame (Download MP3)

Download Sarkodie- Wofa Kwame MP3

Sarkodie- Wofa Kwame


Track: Wofa Kwame

Artiste: Sarkodie

Producer: Gafacci


Your favorite rapper, Sarkodie has a lot to say about life. He narrates a story about a poor Ghana-man called “Wofa Kwame.” Sark puts emphasis on the hardship he was going through and his dream of leaving the country for greener pastures that never materialized.

But that’s not all,, Sarkodie also talked about the challenges that come with marriage or relationships. Listen to the track and get the full filla.




  1. Sandy Mharme Serwaa Burniton says:

    salute @KingSark…I yada da song ruff_h33 Sark woy3 dope wate

  2. no.1Boss is in with another one, dope for now

  3. #sark always unpredictable great inspirations

  4. Marcosty+kass says:

    respect king sark u aa dope

  5. Tabi Scanty says:

    Respect to sark nation ®®®®®®®®®®®®

  6. Sark is in again with another Mind blowing lyrics. Respect! Senior man…. Sarkcess music. I never get tired of playing ur tracks during ma programs.

    Keep it up bro…..

  7. Eiiii sark again. Nobody knows where u always gets your punchlines from. What a wao. Sark for lyf.

  8. Sizeless Sark, A
    big Fan of U ChoruX

  9. Djibril sterling says:

    Ei sarkodie world best rapper. U go kill us ooo

  10. Williamson Sarpong Williams says:

    Aaaah…bozzz wen ur size go come i swear be de HIGHEST among de rest …i believe you.

  11. l love dis niggar basaaa. U do all Sark. A dey give u 24/7.

  12. Sark u ar de best i hv ever seen. Keep it up booooooooosu baako p3. U love u as wel as ur music.may de almighty God that helped u to this far continue to bless u.ameeeeeeeeen!!!

  13. Attieku Mark Nukunu says:

    Sark u be king,,, I swear say u no get size

  14. Sark 4Eva, No size,I dey fiiiiill u Papa

  15. sark u be Senior wai

  16. sark be de best i dey like u rufff!

  17. u rr de bxt u alrdy no dig upz tu bor nyc 1 der

  18. Sark de noba 1 ever

  19. yoo!king sark wate, u are more wate n keep go higher than de rest people

  20. Eeeiii de boss has done it again sarkcess fr lyf

  21. #**aaaaaaaii sark!!!.the only sarkcess behind success.may u live lng 2 c ur grand-grand chdrn killin n spoilin de beat as u r cannin de beat.#sark naaaaaation##

  22. #Sark u do all. another dope one though
    but we need more

  23. 1.Sark the king of rap
    2.sark the king of gh music
    3. Sark the king of africa rapper
    4. Sark keep it up and u wil be world number one
    6. All sark nation mebers whatsapp me and i will add u to my group +233543111911

  24. Michael i want to release a track with you tho

    instergram: swift_ 4_ real

  25. akye akye akye saaaaaaa.

  26. Waawo i luv it.No size
    100% support
    King sarkcess u
    do all.
    U are nomba one
    in de whole world.

  27. We still luv our Sark.
    I see u as African rap
    God.It left with two steps
    u will be de whole world
    rap God.

  28. king sark you’re sizeless when it com
    es to rap

  29. Rapkid Julius says:

    Sark de Rap king……. salute u
    U do all…..Respect 2 Sark Nation

  30. #NO SIZE

  31. Staphen Swagg says:

    ma full respect goes to u


  32. onene adusei says:

    sark u b tooooo much wate booooooooosu baako p3

  33. kimani dmez says:

    king sark
    always on point
    nd I shout out from u in ur next song

  34. You are the best for now hope u will survive when I come Djay

  35. NanaYaw Richie says:


  36. joseph kojo aboagye says:

    sark all de way

  37. De-masto 215# says:

    So u guys still talk about this Obede hmmm! no more comment!
    U know what it is
    What else
    money no be problem$
    Sark nation
    obedep)n atwe ne ti
    we are indeed sark natives!!!!!!

  38. xavier rolex says:

    ebi sark I knw wen it comes to music . in fact U aa de real Mr Rap
    keep it up

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  40. Emmanuel Frimpong Izco says:

    sark u ar de best and for all.

  41. sark all d way

  42. Kingsark I dey hail you….fuck haterz
    sarknation unu large! !Rap kingsark…to the world

  43. Sark u be too much

  44. King sark make u not insult m.manifest because that guy be small boy
    sarkodie u are the king of rap
    bossy i like ur rap
    noooooo size
    am even happy to day

  45. King sark make u not insult m.manifest because that guy be small boy
    sarkodie u are the king of rap
    bossy i like ur rap
    noooooo size
    am even happy to day

  46. sarkcess music no size you are size zero

  47. Infact Sark got No Size..sark all the way.√√√♪

  48. Good

  49. respect to sarknation

  50. Oh boosu adey fill u wati

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